Monday, December 8, 2008

Baby Jesus

Last Monday for FHE we went up to a live Nativity in American Fork.  I have to be honest and when I heard what it was I was a little skeptical.  I thought it would be so cheesey!  Little did I know that it would be so spiritual and emotional and as a bonus my kids were actually very reverent and enjoyed it.  They were so good. 

Dad, Me, Lillie, Jared, Boston, and Mom
When you get to AF it is kinda on a little farm.  Not a ton of houses it kind of reminded me of Lake Shore or Benjamin.  The first thing you do is get hot chocolate and then you go to a big bon fire and you sing O Come All Ye Faithful and then you walk quite a ways down and you go and knock on a door and the "Inn Keeper" has no room!  Then you walk quite a ways more and then you find the Wise Men and they tell you about a Babe that is to be born.  (note:  my kids were good because they had life stock the whole way that you walked!) Then you walk a little further and you find the Shepherds and they read a scripture and you sing another song.  Then you keep walking and up on a hay stack are about 10 young girls and they sign a hymn.  Then off to the right you see a manger and big star on top of it.  You then walk over to the manger and see baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  

Mary talked about the Christ child and what his life would be like from teaching people all over the world to grabbing the babies little hands and saying these would be pierced and his little feet.  He died for me, he atoned for me so that I could be where I am today.  It was very emotional for me.  I think once you have kids and you want to give them everything possible.  You always want them to be happy and you want the best for them.  I hear people talking about where they are going to deliver their babies and which hospital is good and which nurses and while I was sitting on a haystack looking at the baby all I could think about was Mary.  No hospital, no nurse, no doctor, no EPI!  I guess you could say that I looked at Mary in a different light and I am so grateful for her.  
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!  And during all the hustle and bustle we can all take time to remember our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Our perfect example!  Merry Christmas  

Monday, December 1, 2008

Fire Pit Fun!!

Saturday night we went over to our neighbors, Pam and Kyles, and had a tin foil dinner and roasted marshmallows.  It was so fun and so cold.  The kids loved it.  Boston is the pickiest eater ever and he loved his tin foil dinner.  He was actually the first one to finish his dinner!  
And of course he loved roasting the mallows!  Lillie doesn't have a coat (well technically she does but she doesn't get it for 24 more days ha ha) and so she wore Grants camo coat.  She is pretty stinkin cute! Anyway it was so fun!  Thanks to the Barneys for a fun night!!

Jared and Lillie ~~  She has become quite a daddys girl lately!

The Family

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Car Update

So Jareds MRI went really good.  His muscles were just strained so he needs to do physical therapy.  He keeps getting really bad headaches and so that is scary but hopefully once he goes to therapy they can strengthen his muscles.  We feel blessed that he wasn't hurt worst.  Car wrecks can be so scary.

We finally found a car that we could both agree on!  We got a really good deal.  Car shopping is not fun.  It takes forever and ever.  And I don't know what me and Jared were thinking we took both of our kids.  So we would have to take turns test driving.  When we finally decided on the car we called my mom to come and get the rug rats so we could do paper work.  They were actually pretty good but after 5 hours of car dealerships they had had it!  So we ended up getting a black Honda Pilot.  

This obviously isn't ours but it is the same year and model!  :)

Halloween Anyone??

Lets see it has been a month since Halloween and I wouldn't blog about it but I want to get a book of my blog and I want my kids Halloween.  I will keep it short and sweet!  Lillie was the cutest pumpkin ever.   Boston was a sweet lion.  We went to our wards trunk or treat and then up to Jareds parents trunk or treat.  The kids had fun.  We got way too much candy!  No worries I pulled out all the good stuff for me!  

Halloween is my Moms birthday and so we always start the night at her house and have her yummy homemade chili.  It sounds a little backwards that she cooks the chili since it is her birthday but we all love to go to her house and see all of  the other kids and what they are dressed up as.  Happy Be-Lated Birthday mom.  Your the best!!  

Also I had my sisters kids this year for Halloween so me and my kids went to the school halloween parade. 

Nate, Tanner and Hunter

Syd & Kiah


We also carved pumpkins at Jareds moms house.  I thought everyone pumpkins turned out great!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A week ago today Jared got what at the time seemed like a little fender bender on SF main street. He was totally stopped for a good 3 seconds at red light when a truck came and rear ended him and then a truck hit that truck(Ash Garbe--the 2nd truck was your little brother--he and Jared had a fun little reunion lol)! Jared had just come to the studio and switched me cars(mine has the car seats) to go get the kids from my Aunts house. He called me like ten minutes later and said he had just been a wreck and I immediately feel sick. He says he is okay and that I need to come and get him because they are towing my car. So in my head I am thinking it might be worst since they are towing my car...not just a fender bender. Well long story short my car is totaled. I love my car and I get attached to things really easy. I went to clean it out and I was sad thinking the last time I drove it was my last. So dumb but it was a good little car for me. Don't get me wrong I am excited for a new one!! Jared said he was okay from the wreck but the truck hit him going like 25 or something so I told him to go get checked out. He went and the Dr. told him that his x-rays looked normal but his muscles in his neck looked like they were inflamed. So he tried giving him medication and Jared tried being all tough and told him no. Well come Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning he woke up with huge headaches. He finally came home last night and was in so much pain. His head and eye were killing him and his hand was tingly. Jared doesn't get sick very often and he hardly ever complains and so I knew he didn't feel good. After calling the dr. and telling him whats up. He thinks Jared needs a neck MRI. He thinks possibly some nerves are being hit by his muscles being inflamed or something else that was a too big of word for me to remember! I will keep you posted on how everything goes.

Here is my poor little car! :(

Just a side sister Ashlie brought this soccer outfit home for Boston for his Birthday. So last Sunday Jared let me sleep in and when I came out both of my boys were all dressed in soccer uniforms and Jared was teaching Boston how to play! Cutest boys I know!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Okay so ever since I have been home from my babysitting adventure I have been in a slump!  I have not wanted to do anything for anyone.  I just want to sit and watch movies and eat junk!  I don't think I sat down for 18 days.  :)  So my sweet husband has been trying to make me happy.  Saturday we went out to dinner and a movie with friends and had such a great time.  And then Sunday was on okay day.  But Monday was a killer.  My kids were so whiny!  They have lost four siblings of entertainment!  They kept asking for Nate and Syd and when the bus was going to come.  So anyway Jared called a couple times during the day and he just kept saying that I sounded sad or something.  He ended up coming home from work with a dozen orange roses!  He said he got orange to make me happy.  Which they did.  But I still was feeling down.  Then my sister sent me a text to tell me thanks for everything and that her kids have had nothing bad to say about dear old aunt Katie.  She said that she was grateful me and Jared that we could arrange our schedule to stay with them.  Anyway it was a nice text and the tears that had wanted to come all day finally came.  Boston and Lillie were so worried about me and why I was crying.  Jared came in and saw me on the couch and felt so bad.  I told them they were happy tears and that I am just grateful for my little family and my big family.  
He didn't believe me.  
Something that I have wanted for the last three years were some good brown boots.  I have a pair I got when I was 18 and they are my absolute favorite.  However, they have about had it.  So I have been looking for a while now.  So last night Jared was determined to find me some boots.  He was searching the Internet and he would find something and yell for me to come and look.  I would say no, no no and no!  Finally I heard some screaming of yahoo coming from the computer room and he was saying i found the perfect pair!  I went in and saw these beautiful boots.  It was so funny but my ENDORPHINS kicked in and i was giddy and happy and had a perma smile!  I am so estactic and I can't wait for them  to come in the mail.  I love them a lot a lot.  I am just hoping they make it here in time for the Twilight premiere!  LOL!!!    

So thanks to my wonderful husband who is willing to do anything Anything anything to make me happy.  I know that I am the luckiest girl in the world.  You do so many things for your high maintenance wife (yes I know i am HM...but the hardest part is admitting it, right ha ha)!  I love you Jare! Oh and in case you were all wondering.  I did get off my butt today and did dishes, cleaned the house, and started laundry.  Like I said before gotta love the endorphins that a pair of boots can bring to a girl!  

Friday, November 7, 2008

Moms are the bEsT!!!!

I just have to do a quick little post and say moms are the best people in the whole world and they know how to make everything better!  Today is day 18 at the Hughes house hold.  Which sister will be home today!  I am so excited.  Not only to have my sister back but for my nieces and nephews to have there mom back.  While staying at my sisters 6 of the 8 people have had the throw up flu.  Her 3 kids, my 2 kids, and Jared.  Me and Allie are still holding out strong.  It was fine when it was my sisters kids because they are all old enough to make it to the bathroom.  Different story with my kids.  Lots of cleaning up on my end.  
Lillie has been sleeping so bad and she has thrown up two different days.  She was up for like 4 hours one night just screaming.  So yesterday morning I called my mom and was crying and telling her that I didn't know what was wrong with her.  She told me to come over to her house.  I am not kidding when I say the minute I walked in the door I felt better.  Lillie fell asleep and so did Boston and so my mom sent me to bed too.  Moms just know the things to do and say to make you feel better.  
Nate(my sisters youngest) didn't feel good and he was crying and saying he missed his mom.  I started crying too and I said I missed her and I was excited for my best friend to come home.  And he says...well she is like the best mom ever!
So I guess I would have to say my theory is right.  He thinks his mom is the best mom ever and I think mine is.  And if you are ever sick, stressed, tired, overwhelmed or whatever else you might feel as a mom.  All you have to do is call your mom and she will make it all better.  They just know what to do.  So a big thanks to my mom for helping me have a better day yesterday!  Love you mom!

Here is my mom acting all business like!
Once I get home I will be giving a more detailed report of my stay at my sisters house.  As for now I have cleaning and laundry to do before she gets home!  :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

~*~Happy 3rd Boston~*~

Boston(red helmet) and Brit (blue helmet)

So as you all know I am staying at my sisters house and this is the only picture she had of Boston on her computer.  :)   

I can not believe that he is already 3 and that I have been a mom for that long.  Time goes by so fast and yet so slow!  

I read a quote somewhere (probably on some ones blog)  that said something like this..."as a mom the days go by slow and the years go by too fast!" I think that is so true.  Some days seem so long especially the winter months, however, right when I turn around Boston is already 3.  
He is a fun rowdy little boy.  He definetely keeps me and Jared on our toes and of course Lillie. He loves her so much.  So here are some things I really love about Boston!

#1:  He loves to cuddle with me in the morning.  He wants my face right next to his so our noses are touching.
#2:  I love the way that he knows exactly what he wants to wear.  If I pull the wrong thing out of his closet it is the end of the world.  :)
#3:  He has such a big heart and if someone else is crying he always want to make them feel better...unless of course he is the one who made that person cry.  ;)
#4:  He loves elderly people.  Our back door neighbors are some of his favorite people.
#5:  He loves all of his grandpa and grandmas.  Especially great grand parents!  
#6:  On the same lines he loves all of his cousins.  I am pretty sure that Sunday is his favorite day of the week so he can go to both grandparents and see all his cousins.
#7:  I love to listen to him give prayers.  He is so quiet and so reverent.  He does such a good job.
#8:  He is a pretty coordinated boy for only being 3.  Uncle Dan thinks you are going to be a gymnast, or a baseball player, or a soccer player.  He runs so fast and can flip so fast.  He is not afraid to jump off anything and go into a perfect front roll.  
#9:  I love when I put him to bed and we read scriptures, say prayers, and right before I get out of his room he says "love ya mom!!"
#10:  The way he treats Lillie.  Sometimes he beats her up and likes to tease her but for the most part he keeps an eye out for her.  He told her yesterday before church "Lillie Lou you look so pretty!!"

Thanks Boston for being the best little boy mom could ask for!  :)  Love you lots and hope you have a great birthday! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

And so it begins....

So i don't feel like this yet...but soon time will tell!!!

My crazy life of being a mother to six!!  I probably won't be to good at posting over the next three weeks.  Me and Jared are watching my sisters four kids.  Her and her husband are so lucky and get to go on a 18 day Mediterranean Cruise!  Yes you read that right...18 days!!  Luckily her kids are at good ages and go to school full time.  But still...I just spent three hours doing homework.  From math, to writing a short story, to reading, reading some more, and lastly studying for a scripture mastery test!!!  An hour and a half at Wal-Mart and hundreds of dollars later!  LOL!!  Wish me luck!  Luckily I do have a great husband who loves my sisters kids and is willing to help in any way possible!  Yay for a family of 8!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Okay I usually never do this tag things but this looked like fun!

8 Things

8 TV shows I like to watch...
1. Grey's Anatomy(my new obsession I just rented all 4 seasons and watched them!  Love McDreamy ...Meredith bugs!)
2. One Tree Hill
3. 90210
4. American Idol
5. Oprah
6. Any Game Show
7. Curious George
8. Clifford

8 Things that happened Yesterday....
1. Went to church
2. Ate dinner at my in-laws
3. Went for a drive with Jared and my kids
4. Watched 27 dresses for three nights in a row and have not finished it yet..too tired!
5. Saturday night I went to the movie The Secret Life of Bees and didn't get home tell 1 a.m. Sunday 
6. Listen to Jared while he was throwing up...sick but true!
7. Got my kids milk and juice
8. Fell asleep on the couch at like 9:30

8 Favorite Places to Eat...
1. Tepanyaki
2. Subway 
3. Los Hermanos
4. Cafe Rio
5. Jaxies
6. My moms house on Sunday or my in-laws
7. Hickory Kist
8. PF Changs

8 Things I'm Looking Forward to...
1. Babysitting my sisters four kids for 18 days!!!  :) 
2. Jared to start school and finish it all at the same time.
3. Halloween
4. Bostons birthday...ordered all his presents on Saturday!  Yay for online shopping!
5. A family vacation
6. Being more spiritually inclined 
7. Being more patient with my kids
8. Everyone in my house to feel better.

8 Things on my Wish List...
1. For my kids to be happy, healthy, and successful.
2. For Boston to go on a mission.
3. To be in the Celestial room with ALL my siblings and their spouses!
4. Go on a cruise with Jared and some fun friends.
5. For my parents to live a long long time
6. Pay off our house
7. Be a good mom and example to my children
8. Tour Europe with Jared

8 people I Tag...
1. Jamie Smith
2. Jaimi Sparks
3. Julie 
4. Whitnee
5. Tiffany
6. Kandas
7. Amera
8. Jenni

Friday, October 17, 2008

~Day Off~

Last Friday Jared took the day off! I don't think he has ever taken the day off 'just because!!'    Anyway we had such a fun day.  We slept in--well kinda!  Lillie woke up pretty early--6:45! She loves Cinderella so I got up put Cinderella on and then went back to bed.  Like an hour later I woke up and I could hear someone kicking our t.v. so Jared ran in and Lillie was on top of our t.v. and watching Cinderella from over the top!  Hilarious!  I always thought since Boston was my climber I wouldn't get another one but lucky me...I have two!  

So we just hung out all morning made a big breakfast, watched a show, read books, took naps, went to the grocery store.  Then in the afternoon we went to Jumpin Jacks!  We have not been to JJ's since last February and Lillie hated it.  So I was excited to see what she thought...and she loved it.  Her and Boston played so good.  Boston is such a little dare devil.  He has no fears.  He will go on the highest slides all by himself.  He loves it.  It was such a fun day.  After Jumpin Jacks we went and took Boston to my brother Tyler and Lillie to my parents and me and Jared went up to Kandas's cabin for the night.  It was fun to go be with friends, play games, stay up late, and of course end the evening with Brian Regan!  :)  
Jared has decided he needs to take more days off work...I totally agree!  

Me and Lillie--she is totally loving it.

Kids climbing up the slide all by themselves!

Jared and Lillie

We love it when Dad takes a day off to play with us!

The biggest sTuD ever!!

Hanging out at the cabiN!

Adam, Jamie, Matt, Tiff, Riley, Kandas, Jared, and me!

Friday, October 10, 2008


It is true!  I accomplished a project!  All of my friends lately have been into making aprons.  I think they are so cute.  So my sister in law, Jenni, was here from Texas and we were trying to think of something to do with six kids! HMM!!  A sewing project.  Okay so probably not the best idea but it was fun.  We got our pattern from Kandas and it looked liked something we could master.  All of my in-laws sew.  I have not sewn anything since Mrs. Irvines 9th grade sewing class.  But I have to admit that I really liked it and the more I did the easier I got.  It is all about CONFIDENCE when you are sewing.  :)  They turned out really cute!  Thanks for your help ladies.     

No laughing~!  I am just learning!

Jamie...quite the little seamstress!
THE FINISHED PRODUCT!  Me and my cute sister and mother in-laws!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008




Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love Fall!!

I absolutely love fall!  I love the cooler weather, the leaves changing, school starting, and I get excited because fall means that the holidays are just around the corner.  My favorite being Thanksgiving!  

Boston is totally all boy!  He has a best friend that he loves to do everything with.  Hunter!  He lives just around the corner from us and first thing in the morning he looks out his window to see if Hunters blinds are open.  And if they are he says "call Brandy and tell Hunter to come over!"  They usually are good little boys but sometimes they can be so naughty!  Which is to only be expected of two little boys.  Last week I heard glass shatter and I went down in my basement and they were into my Christmas decorations and Boston broke my candy dish my mom gave me last year! :(  He said "its okay mom we can just sweep it up."

Lillie is just so silly!  Her hair is at a funky stage!  Still cute nonetheless!  
Boston and Hunter playing swords!
I love this pic of Boston.  It reminds me of Edward LOL!  Ready to attack!  Concentrating so hard!!
My brother Ben and his wife Ashley went out of town for business/pleasure last week.  Ben and Ash have five boys and so they thought it would only be fair to give each family member one boy instead of someone being totally overwhelmed with there own families plus 5 boys.  We got lucky and got Brendyn.  He was such a good boy for me.  He is all boy too and so he can be wild, naughty, and crazy at times but I think having him one on one made him excellent.  So we were in the car and Brendyn was trying to teach Boston his ABC's and Boston would try for a little bit and then he would say "I don't want to learn my numbers right now!"  Here are some cute picture of the boys before church.  It was fun to have one on one time with Brendyn and get to know his sweet personality.  He was a lot of fun with Lillie too...he treated her very well for not having any sisters of his own.  

Getting ready to go to church.  All so very cute!
Brendyn, Boston, and Lillie.  Being silly!
Probably one of my favorite pictures ever!  All I can see is two future missionaries...and also two naughty little boys!  Very handsome!
And lastly we are so excited Jenni, Eric, and Matthew have come to visit to Utah.  Boston loves Matthew and gets excited whenever Jenni comes out!  We went to the park and played and actually got some pretty cute pictures of the kids.  Also, Boston loves playing with Halle and Maddie.  He thinks that Halle is pretty cool because she is older than him and she goes to school.  Boston tends to like being with older kids.  Lillie loves to chase McKay around.  They are like three months apart and they have a lot of fun together too!  Boston surprised me this week when we were at the park and he went down the fire pole.  It is pretty high at the payson park and he was watching some other kids do it and he walked over and put his hands on the pole and just sat and started and then he got this look in his eye and went down.  Like I said all boy! 

Boston and Matthew swinging!
My sweet Lillie!  She is beginning to be such a cheeser!
Boston and Halle playing on the drinking fountain!
Lillie, Boston, Matthew, Halle, Mckay, and Lillie!!  Pretty cute kiddies!!
My kids are getting to such fun ages and I love it.  They love to play with each other and so for the first time in like 3 years I can get in the shower and get ready and they play the whole time.  It is quite nice!  I will try and sneak some picture of them playing together!  They are amazing little kids and the cutest that I know!

Friday, September 12, 2008

I rest my case!!!

Okay I just looked up the cast for Twilight and this whole time(meaning all four books) I have been TEAM JACOB! And now I see the pictures and hello he is so much hotter than Edward! I do really like Edward a lot--especially after reading Midnight Sun. I do I like Edward and I am very happy with the way things ended in Breaking Dawn! But when I look at these pictures it makes me happy that I was/am team JACOB!! Yay for Nessy!!!! :P

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

~Kite Show~

Well the kite show was so much fun!  The kids totally loved it.  I was very impressed with the show that SF put on.  They had tons of different stuff for the kids, good food(we didn't eat any but it looked good lol), and lots of fun kites to watch.  We all loved the wave runners in the res pulling the kites!  It was fun to do an activity with just us as our little family.  Everything we do is usually with friends, neighbors, my family, or Jareds.  So it was nice just to hang out!  I love that my kids are getting to the age where they like to be around each other and love to play.  When Boston wakes up he wants Lillie to wake up and vice versa.  It makes me happy that they love each other!!! 

Trying to keep the kids from getting wet...I didn't succeed!
Us watching the kites in the res!  Look how big they look!
Lillie and Jared!  She loves her daddy!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Smalltown = Hometown

Drill team reunion!  It was so much fun!  I loved seeing people that I have not seen in awhile.  So Thursday we all met at the high school and we got split up into 3 groups..the 80's, the 90's, and the 00's!  We all learned like a 45 sec dance and then we had dinner and then went out to the football field to mark it!  HA!   It was a long night and by the end of the night I was feeling old and sore!  Friday we were supposed to be to the high school at 6 sharp.  I had to meet Jared at my moms to give him the kids and so I decided to get ready there.  I was in my old bedroom with my drill shirt on and I totally felt like I was in high school again....until Boston walked in the room and said MOM i need juice!  That brought me back to reality!  So of course we had to take some fun pictures.  All 3 of Jareds sisters were on drill and so it was fun to do it with them minus Jenni because she lives in Texas but we all totally missed her!  And my sister-in-law Kellie was on drill too so it was quite the family affair!  When we got out on the field it was totally fun!  So a big thanks to Michelle!  It was such a fun night.

Me and Jared before the game!  The picture always taken of me by the mantle!  LOL!!
Kellie, Jamie, Me, and Erin!  All we are missing is Jenni!  :(
All of us and Michelle!

Jackie, Katie, Rashell, Kellie--I have taught both of their girls dance!  They did awesome!

Me and Allie after halftime!  GO DONS!!

After the game me and Jared drove up to my parents to get the kids and they were in such silly moods.  Especially Lillie.  She looks somewhat frightful because she pulled her hair out but cute none the less!!  As I was driving down center street to go back to Salem I all the sudden got so emotional.  I was just so thankful for small towns, my little family, my whole family, my friends and just being able to grow up and know everyone!  Sometimes I hated that about Spanish Fork but sometimes it is fun!  :)  So thanks to everyone who came and watched us perform...especially my dad!  I make him come to everything I do...softball games both womens and coed(even if the game is at 9:30 and is a double header), dance performances/competitions, and whatever else.  He always comes!  :)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

~Park City & Cousins~

Okay really quick last week we babysat Jack and Kael.  Lillie and Jack are like three weeks apart and they were being silly with the camera and here is the only picture I got.  I think Jack thinks Lillie is crazy!   :)  Kellie's boys always look so cute and handsome and look at Lillie--total rug rat!

Next we went to Park City with Jareds family.  We do this every year with the Augers and it is always a ton of fun!  We usually stay until Sunday but Jareds dad, Kevin, got put in as Bishop last Sunday so we had to cut our trip short. Bummer but of course what we did do was fun!   We did the outlets, Swiss Days, boating, hot tubbing, and swimming laps(Jared was trying to be Michael Phelps) Anyway, enjoy the pics...We had fun shopping...notice the bags!

We had fun playing at the condo with our cousins.

Me and Jared did not have fun waking up at 5 a.m. to Boston peeing the bed!  :(  And then to Lillie waking up for good at 6:35.  O well!  Not the best picture but hey we were tired!  

Boating was of course fun!  Boston and Lillie love the boat!  They had fun playing with McKay and Halle on the boat.  Jamies kids are very cute and such good examples for my kids!

Okay so all in all it was such a fun trip and it was fun to get away.  When we got home Jared carried the kids in and they crashed on the floor.  Poor kids but I guess that was a good sign of having fun, exhaustion, and waking up too early!  Thanks to Kevin and JoAnn for such a fun weekend.  We can't wait until next year!