Sunday, August 18, 2013

Made in the US of A

I feel like I am not one to brag or be boastful.
I keep my rockstar moments to myself or tell them to Jared.
Possibly call my parents or something.
But, for just a minute I need to get it off my chest!
I am a Rockstar Mom!
Why? You ask?

In a 24 hour period
I traveled with 3 kids
to 4 different airports
(Melbourne ~ Sydney ~ LAX ~ SLC)
and we made ALL of our connecting flights!

Now, that part is impressive alone.
A year ago if someone would have told me I would be doing that
I would have simply told them that they had the wrong girl.

But, the part where I am a rockstar...
well that's where it gets fun!

We woke the kids up at 4 am to get to the airport in time for our 6 am flight.
The first flight went smooth.  
No major break downs.  
Just very excited kids!
First Flight -- Check!
When we reached Sydney we hit our first bump.
We had to catch a shuttle to the International Terminal.
It took me a good 30 minutes to find the shuttle place.
I kept asking people and no one seemed to know where it was.
Boston was hungry.  Lillie didn't want to walk.
Finally, found the shuttle and took the 15 minute shuttle ride to T1.
Once we hit the International Terminal we had to run.  
We were the people in Home Alone running frantically to our flight.
My kids were troopers.  
They were helping each other. 
Saying encouraging words to each other.
I was a proud mom.  
We kept running. 
They literally had to hold the plane for us.  
We were the last ones to get on the plane.
{Enter awesome stares from the passengers}

When we were probably 20 minutes into our plane ride Paxton decided he needed to go toilet.
By the time we made it in to the teeny tiny space he had peed his pants.
Something he had not done for months.
Which is why I did not even think of packing extra undies.
So I just took his underwear off and put them in the bin.
Luckily, it didn't get on his pants.

About three hours into the flight we are doing good.
Kids are entertaining themselves.
They are eating the food we packed.
They are loving the in flight entertainment.

Six hours into the flight Paxton exclaims he needs to go toilet.
Up we jump and thankfully this time no one was in line.
We get about five steps away from the bathroom when Pax yells
"I farted!"
He said it loud!  Really loud. 
While he grabbed his bum!
Sure enough.  I get into the bathroom and he had totally....!
I thought tears would come because I was so over tired
but they didn't!
(Starting to feel like a rockstar mom)
I took off his pants and washed them with hand soap in the sink.
When I finished I put them back on Paxton who began to cry.
"My pants are wet. Take them off. I need new ones"
(Feeling not like a rockstar mom...duh I would have packed extra clothes)
I eventually talked him into staying in his pants. 
I bribed him with pez.
Worked like a charm.

The rest of the flight went smooth.
Kids slept for the last bit.
I slept a little.
After 15 hours we landed in America!
2nd flight--- Check Check!

Something about landing in America is awesome.
I can't really explain it. 
But I love it!
Especially, when you walk up to customs and you get to go into the American Passport line.
The first of many LINES!
We made it through customs pretty quickly.
At this point it is 8am, LA time.
Which puts as at 3am Melbourne time.
My kids literally look like drunks.
They are struggling big time keeping their eyes open.
But, they do have perm-a grins!

The most stressful part came when it was time to get our luggage.
I didn't want my kids up by the baggage claim 
but it felt weird to put them in a corner with our carry-ons
and my purse.  I didn't think anyone one would
steal them but I didn't like being away from them while I 
tried to get the luggage.

I got the luggage and loaded it onto a cart.
Put Paxton in his stroller. 
Boston was in charge of pushing him.
We went to our next line.
Immigration line.
I was feeling really fuzzy at this point.
I was getting tired.
We had just made it past the man at immigrations and walking
to our last line when I hear Boston tell Lillie "sorry!"
I turn around to see a steady stream of blood coming from her nose.
I mean a waterfall.  It was so much blood.
Boston had stopped walking and Lillie didn't pay attention
and she had walked right into the back of his head.
Now, I didn't pack extra undies!
But, as I was walking off the plane they had a bunch of napkins and
something told me to grab some!
{big sigh}
The best part was I hear Paxtons little voice come from the stroller
"Yillie you want to sit in the stroller!"
We finally got her nose to stop bleeding and so we continued 
through the security line.
We got to our gate and we had a little over two hours until our final destination.
Within minutes the kids went from this....


Yes, they are asleep on the nasty airport floor.
Yes, I washed their blankets the minute we landed.
At this point I didn't even care one ounce.
I had just survived 
a pee accident
almost missing a flight
a poop accident
a bloody nose
two security checks
virtually no sleep for me
all of this with no tears
all by MYSELF
I am pretty sure if you add all this up you get a....
Rockstar Mom!
{Even if it only lasted for a minute!}

I woke the kids up to board the flight.
They slept walk onto the plane.
They slept while I buckled them.
They slept the whole flight.
Third flight -- Check Check Check with 3 GOLDEN STARS!
When I woke my kids up after we landed it felt like
Christmas Morning!
They were beyond excited.
They were fired up!
I know I said when we landed in LA I felt good!
But, when we landed in SLC it felt amazing.
Looking out the little window from the plane I could see
my mountains!  They took my breath away!
It felt good to be home!

We made our way through the airport to find some happy faces waiting for us!
I didn't realize how stressed and tense I was until I saw my family.
The weight of the flights were over and we were home!
The minute I gave my mom a hug I let the tears flow!
I didn't have to be the Rockstar Mom anymore!
I had backup helpers now!

From the moment we stepped off the plane we hit the ground running.
For the next six weeks we literally never stopped!
In no particular order here are some highlights!

We loaded up in a 15 passenger van to go to Allies wedding in San Diego!

We picked up our Brazilian sister, Ellen! Loved having her with us!
We had fun walking around La Jolla

I "mustache" you a question!

MOB (Mother Of Bride)

Two of my favorite girls EVER!

Such a beautiful temple!  So blessed we were able to go!
So glad Morgan got to come! ;) 
Waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Quist

We got to meet some cousins for the first time!
Meeting Ryker!  Love him!

Loved Meeting Kylie!  Jared wanted to steal her!

We cherished moments like this

Especially after 5 minutes it would turn to this...

We went boating!

Got excited over our favorite foods that we have missed!
Don't judge us!

We loved going to our old neighborhood and seeing friends!

Loved just hanging with our cousins!

Spent the first couple weeks being home getting ready for the 
And let me tell ROCKED!

Me and my friends were in charge of the Silent and Live Auction!
It was a lot of work and every minute of it was worth it!
The fundraiser was something that I never want to forget.
I kept tearing up the whole day.
Looking around at all the people who had come out to support
Riley and his family.  
It was a good reminder to me that the world is good.
People are awesome!
But, mostly, that our Heavenly Father 
hears and answers our prayers.
I loved watching our little community of Salem 
come together.  
It  was a magical day!

The night before the big event!!!

Rockin' our Riley Rocks shirts!

The ROCKSTAR himself!  Love you buddy!
After the Fundraiser we had about two hours to get ourselves
cleaned up for a secret mission!
My Dads Surprise Retirement Party!
My dad retired from BYU on June 1st.
My mom thew together a little get together with my siblings
and my parents closest friends!  
Each sibling did a little tribute to my Dad.
It was fun to celebrate my Dad!
The Sweats, The Carrolls, my Parents, and The Fosters

My Moms new business partner! :) Love you Dad!

We of course made it the Fiesta Days Rodeo!
My mom spoils us each year with some great tickets!
It is one of my favorite traditions!
The Newlyweds are always a hit!

Grandma and Grandma Great enjoying the rodeo!

Can they be any cuter???

Grandpa and his boys!
My favorite Cowgirl!

Best part of the Rodeo was watching these two Muttin Bust!

Love this picture! 
When Jared and I got married 
Halle was the only grandchild!
This is all of the Auger Grandkids at Rykers blessing.

Had heaps of fun at Grandma Up the Big Hill
The neighbors had cats and we are 
still wondering how they survived all the grandkids!

I had to get a picture of this!!! Love!!!

Grandma had a Luau!!

Was so fun to go to dinner with my High School Friends!

Some people we literally only saw in parking lots!
Love you Shannon!

Some people we only got to see for three hours!
The Adamsons were our "first" married couple friends! We love them!

And some people were so excited to see us...
Ok they really were excited...Jake Owen and Jason Aldean Concert! Fun! Fun!
We had some fun fireworks!

Don't think it gets better than cousins!  I really don't think it does!

Josh thinks Asian, John has his shoes kicked off, we are ready for FIREWORKS!

Grandma and Koko are ready!

Cody and Tracie are ready!

The lighters of the fireworks!

Loved having a fun night to just chill with the family!  

Of course it wouldn't be Fiesta Days with out a night at the Carnie!

Towards the end of our trip we went to Idaho for the Auger/Jepsen Family Reunion.
It is always so much fun to be with Jared's family.
His extended family is a lot of fun!
One of my favorite nights we just sat outside after the kids had
gone to bed and we just talked for a few hours.
We talked, laughed, snacked on yummy food!

Love this picture of Jared talking to his Grandpa!

Boston loves his Grandpa Great!

Wouldn't be Grandma Greats without a tractor ride!!!

We got our craft on...thank you Erin for the help!

Kids Race! Look at Pax!! He was ready to go!

Love my little American Family!
I can't believe my kids are getting so big!

To send the Bradfords back to Hawaii and us back to OZ my
dad rented a humongous water slide!
Tracie and Cody cooked up my dads halibut
that he got in Alaska and we had a fun night!
The water slide was a hit!
We even got my Mom and Ashlie to go down.

It was so hard to say goodbye to the Bradfords that night.
It is lame living so far away from each other and not knowing
when we will see each other again!

We had a little photo shoot with Jareds family.
We literally had an hour where all of us were together at once
before we all headed in different directions again!
It was hard to say goodbye to these family members as well.
We had so much fun with the babies, watching the cousins play, 
and us adults trying to keep everyone happy! 

Love this picture of Pax and Pres!
Busy at work!

Sadly, we spent our last few days home at the dentist!
Paxton and Lillie had like 6 cavities.
They would not sit still the first day...
so we had to take them back in the next day and sedate them!
Kinda sad watching them get drugged.  But couldn't help but laugh a little!
Well the time finally came to pack up our 
nine suitcases, 
three boxes, 
two carry-ons, 
one stroller
and head home!

This time flying to Australia was not scary.
We have lived here 10 months now.
This time flying to Melbourne wasn't the unknown.
We've made great friends here.
People that we love.
Our kids love!
It still doesn't take the homesickness all away.
But, it helps leaps and bounds!

So a big thank you to everyone who made our holiday home amazing!
I know we didn't get to see everyone and I'm sorry
about that.  But, know that we love you so much!
Any of you are welcome to come visit us!
Anytime! ;)
Especially a big thank you to our parents.
Love you guys and we are so excited to have you come visit us!