Friday, June 20, 2008

~I Love SUMMER!!~

So life has been so crazy busy with family, dance and whatever else that I have not made it to the pool yet. We went today and we only lasted an hour and a half  but it was still a blast.  This is the first year that Boston has absolutely loved it!  He was my little guppy!  I had to keep telling him to not go past the first rope or if he did the lifeguard would take him out of the pool!  He didn't like that!!  Lillie still doesn't know what to think about all that water.  Luckily, my sister Ashlie came with us.  Allie and Ashlie helped with Lillie while I took Boston down the slide and chased him all over...thanks! And I don't know if you know how tan my sister and Allie get but it is sad that it is the middle of June and they are black.  I was sitting in between them and Allie says "look it is a turkey sandwich on wheat bread!"  I had to laugh...  

Okay so a little update on he not the cutest boy in the whole world!?  It is a good thing because he is so naughty that I just look at him and most of the time i just have to laugh.  He is getting so big.  I think we are finished potty training.  He has not had an accident for awhile.  Now the next step is to get him to go potty by himself.  He won't go unless somebody goes in and helps him.  He is so fun lately and he is learning so much.  I really have to watch what I say around him because he either repeats it or tells Jared!  :)  I love him so much!
So Lillie...oh my little Lillie.  She is also getting so big.  She is such a great little talker.  I am shocked at everything she can already say.  She does really good at repeating everything.  Her newest word today was Bos!!  She picked up Bostons blanket and said "Bos!"  I loved it.  She loves to say doggie, juice, mommy, daddy, and we say to her ready set...and she yells GO!  Her hair is finally  big enough to do little piggies in the back.  And I don't know if this picture does her little rolls justice but I love it.  her arms are so tan and her creases in her arms are white as white!  
Chad and Brittany came to Utah and we hung out with them.  Here is the picture of the TRENDY TRIO!  We wish that they lived closer...hopefully someday!
Here is a little what I have been up to!  We have been doing Princess Camp at our studio.  It has been a fun and rewarding couple of weeks.  The girls are so much fun and they are so into princesses!  It has been a blast!  I only have one more week and then I am a free women for the summer!  YAY!