Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Who knew???

Let's start this out by saying that baseball is my favorite sport.  It is my favorite sport to not only watch but also to play (well softball).  Go Yankees!  I think when you grow up  in Spanish Fork you like have to love baseball.  I don't know how many games I went to growing up and if you didn't go to Sunshine Tournament you were like a total loser!  :)  Anyway, if anyone would have asked me what my 2nd favorite sport was to watch I would have to say uh gymnastics!  I just don't really have one but I do now!!  Basketball!!!  I don't know if it is Kyle Korver or the jazz cheerleaders (they did do a dance to Single Ladies)  lol but last year and this year I have really gotten into it!  I actually for the most part get the game and it is fun.  I also have been to a couple SFHS games which was supposed to be to watch my niece cheerlead but in the end I got into the game!  I think I am actually going to try and go to the rest of SF's home games!  Oh and i will tell you one sport that i just don't like!!! FootbalL!  Too many players, too many rules, and too far away!  

So last Saturday me and Jared did go to the jazz game and it was so fun!  A guy from Jareds work has season tickets on row 11.  

Lebron James is possibly the biggest baby in the whole world!  He barely would get touched and he would rollover and start crying!  

Okay and one last thing...if you are a girl and are planning on attending a Jazz game here are some of the rules (well things I noticed).
1.  You have to be totally decked out in your true religions with your sparkly tops!
2.  Your stilettos have to be atleast 4 1/2 inches.
3.  Your plastic surgeon a.k.a. your boob job guy better be the one that sits behind the hoop and sways his flag, rubber ducky, or throws his frisbee up in the air.
4.  And last but not least you better have a crush on Korver!  :)   

All in all it was such a fun date to go with my hubby and have some quality time with not kids! In closing  GO JAZZ and GO YANKEES!

Monday, January 12, 2009

So funny!!!


Calling all ladies!  This is seriously the funniest show I have seen a long time.  And I even saw Four Christmases...  I loved this show because it is so funny, typical girls, hilarious, it is clean , and did I mention I laughed so hard Jared told me I was being too loud!!!  
Jared planned a date night for Friday night and we went and saw it and then Saturday a bunch of girls in my ward went and saw it again.  I sat and talked it up on the way over and during the movie I was like geez i hope they like it and I didn't just make a fool of myself!! worries they loved it!  If anyone wants to go see it call me and i will go again!


A bunch of friends from high school get together once a month and it is always so much fun.  I love to hear about the drama in everyones life!  It makes me feel normal.  Like the things I go through on a daily basis someone else somewhere is going through them too!  I had some fun things planned for the night but instead I went to my moms and got Jr. High notes(yes I still my note box) and some pictures that were so fun to look at and just laugh.  Some of the pictures were so funny!  I don't know why but we loved to put funky make up on and go to the gas station and get treats.  Why couldn't we just Thanks for coming everyone and for those of you who missed out I hope to see you next month!

Front:  Wendi, Whit, Stacey, Kandas, Me and Lacey
Back:  Jesse, Cadence, Abbie, and Nikki
Tiffany and Lori came but left early :(
Eating Dinner

Say Cheese!!

Where are you?

BOSTON....LILLIE.....where are you!  I could not find my kids for like 3 minutes and I was starting to panic when I heard something coming from the laundry room!  I swear what will these kids think up next!!!!

Christmas Puzzle

This year for Christmas the Woolford's gave me and Jared a puzzle.  Puzzle does not even justify how puzzling this puzzle was.  It took me and Jared like 2 1/2 hours to just do the outside edge.  I am not even joking and it took us the the next three nights to put it together.  Not an easy task when it is on our kitchen table and we have a 3 and 1 yr old.  However, in the end we finished!  It has some funky shaped pieces and it is a really dark puzzle so it was hard but it was fun to do something with Jared when we put the kiddos to bed.  :)

Look really close at the pieces!  

Lillie loving that it is finally done and now she can climb on the table!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I can't believe another year has already come and gone.  It seemed like the holiday season just flew right on by.  I love the holidays!  I love being with family, eating good food/treats, playing games, going to see Christmas lights, and seeing some good Christmas movies.  I first saw Four Christmases---LOVED IT----next was 7 Pounds----HATED IT----next was Marley & Me--- Loved it-----last was Benjamin Button---Weird but good!  I am usually pretty easily entertained but 7 pounds was just sad and not enjoyable! 

My mom decided to celebrate our Christmas early this year.  I have four siblings and trying to make it everywhere on Christmas Eve or Day is hard for all of us to get a time that matches.  So this year we started a new tradition and we will do our family thing the Sunday before Christmas.  It was a lot of fun.  It is total chaos at the Shepherd house!  My parents have 19 grandkids and the worst part is 13 of them are boys!  It is chaotic but a lot of fun at the same time.  Boston has a blast with all of his cousins!  They all take off their shirts and have a big wrestling tournament.  This year my parents gave all the grandkids an air hockey table and a foose ball table and a wii(it all stays at there house but now they have something to do and not drive the adults nuts)!!  They totally loved it.  My kids are so good at playing air hockey. I will have to get a video of it.  They are pretty good with eye coordination!  

The kids playing air hockey with Uncle Ben as the referee.
Jared, Lillie, Kellie and John playing foose ball!
Shepherd chaos opening all of our presents!
All Lillie cared about was the wrapping paper!
Me, Ben, and Ashlie enjoying the chaos!
And of course no party is complete without the CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!

The Auger family is starting to be a little crazy too.  When me and Jared got married we only had one niece and now we there are 6 nieces and nephews and they are all under the age of 5!  So it is crazy!  We had such a fun Christmas eve!  We started out the day with a movie, Madagascar 2!  Then we went up to the Augers and ate dinner, acted out the Nativity.  Boston was Joseph this year and Halle was Mary.  It was pretty cute.  Boston did such a good job.  He actually put on the dress up stuff and did what Jared told him to do.  :)  After that we opened presents.  The next morning we got to talk to Jareds brother Tyson.  He sounded so good and we are really excited for him to get home!  

McKay and Lillie hugging it out!!
Mckay tackling Boston!  His favorite thing to do.
We slept at Jareds parents Christmas Eve and I only have a few pics of Christmas morning we mainly recorded everything and JoAnn snapped pictures on her camera.
Boston Christmas morning on his new scoooter!
Making breakfast!!
And no Christmas morning would be complete with out Breakfast Rolls!!  Mmm!!
I feel like we did a hundred more things in December but I was such a slacker with my camera.  So I guess this is all you get.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and a Happy New Year!  And I hope 2009 is a good year for everyone!!