Thursday, October 8, 2009


Jenni is here from Texas which means that we get to do fun stuff! She always gets the ball rolling when she is here. The first brave and fun thing we did was go to Tai Pan for a little shopping and then headed to The Aquarium! The kids absolutely loved it. Lillie was kinda scared at first but then she loved it. Boston was fascinated by all the fishes and kept asking me cute questions.

Here Is Lillie trying to find Nemo!

Boston and Erin trying to pet the Sting Rays!

Boston playing in the reef. MMMM...he is just too cute~!

Grandma, Erin, Cannon, and Lillie. We love having Cannon around! He is super cute!

I loved this picture of the frog. His little legs are crossed and his fingers intertwined! LOL!

And so it begins....

I can not believe that Boston started pre-school! I remember when I had him and my nephew Nate was in pre-school and I seriously never thought the day would come when I would get to send him off into the big world. Of course the first day of school I had a melt down! Boston on the other hand could have cared less. He gets to go to school play with friends, play on the play ground, color, and gets to have a break from me! He is loving school and his teachers.

Most of all he loves that he gets to go to "grandmas school!!" My mother in law works at Mt. Loafer elementrary and we were lucky enough to get Boston into their pre-school. Grandma walks down and checks on him and gives him hugs. That is his favorite part! Boston goes to school each morning with our neighbor and his good little buddy Brooklynn.

She is super shy and would not look at me lol but she is so cute!

We love you Boston! Good luck in the real world! :)

Also, Lillie started dance this year. We don't take 2 year olds at Heart N Soul but lets just say I have an in!!! I didn't know if she would do it because she can be a little shy. However, she walked right in and has loved it. She loves to point her toes, do the kitty cat song, and of course the bear hunt!

Is she not the cutest thing ever!!!


My kids are totally into the game Cooties right now. They don't necessarily play the game but they love to sit and make the cute little critters.

Here we are before church!

Ahh!! Scary critters!


We took Boston to a Real Soccer game this year and it was super fun. He actually did really good and sat through the whole game! We got our tickets for super cheap through 101.9 and we were on the 2nd row!

Jared, Boston and Ty posing for the camera!

Daddy and Boston eating cotton candy! Yum!

Boston caught the yellow Real flag from the mascot! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


So heres the story...My sister was watching Good Things Utah and they did this DNA blood test to tell this couple the sex of their unborn baby! You can take the test as early as 8 weeks! Well this company told them they were having a boy and then they did an ultra sound at 20 weeks and it was a GIRL! So this company is trying to prove that that was a huge error. They are giving 10 ladies a shot to show that they are normally 95% accurate!

So I wrote into

and went up to the studio

and was interviewed by

and took one of these (well actually 3--long story)

and my results are in....

I am having one of these!!!

So now I will have my ultrasound in a few weeks to see if it is right! All 10 of us girls that were previously interviewed will go back up to the studio in November and be on the show. They will show all us pregos at 8 weeks and our interviews and then give our pink or blue test result and then we get to tell them our ultrasound results! It should be super fun! I will keep you all posted!

However, I knew it was a boy from the beginning. I am 100% positive it is a boy and I could not be more excited for wrestling, trucks, pirates, and all the other boy stuff! My only problem is that I literally have no boy names...well I do have one but Jared does not love it! Lillie is still dead set that it is a girl (and so is Jared)! We shall see!!