Monday, February 23, 2009

Pens and Stickers

Two things that are cool in my house right now!!  

For Lillie she is super into stickers.  She walked in my room and had them all over her.  She puts them everywhere throughout the house. It totally entertains her for hours. :)  

Boston on the other hand was totally pumped that I found a Troy Bolton pen at Shopko!  It sings Bet on it!  He carries it everywhere we go.  :)  

My little rug rats are getting so big and so much fun.  They play so well together and it is so fun to watch them learn everything.  Last week I went to the grocery store and I had three people ask me if it was hard having twins!  :)  The first two people I explained that they were 17 months apart and that he is small and she is big and the the last person to ask me I just smiled and said "why yes it is...very exhausting!!"  
Boston is so smart.  His brain is always going at least a hundred miles an hour.  Now he does not care about colors, numbers, or letters.  But he could tell you the first and last name of all our neighbors and all his cousins.  If I tell him what day of the week it is he can tell me whose house he gets babysat that day.  He is starting to mellow a little bit and loves movies.  Especially Star Wars with his dad!  He loves going to either grandparents house.  He loves to make cookies with Grandma Auger.  
Lillie is starting in on her terrible twos.  She is all girl.  Very dramatic and emotional.  If I tell her no she gets the saddest face and then puts her face into a pillow and waits for me to say sorry.  She is starting to like other people besides me!  She gets excited to go see friends and cousins.  Lillie is very school smart.  She knows all of her letters and can tell you the sounds of all of them (thank you Letter Factory)!  She can count to ten with a little help from me.  She is fun and always has us laughing.

Jazz'n It Up!!

So me and Jared were lucky enough to get invited by UPS to go to Boston vs. Utah game.  It was so fun.  My friend, Katy, called and asked if I was going to Zumba and I said not tonight we are going to the jazz game.  So she calls me the next morning and says she has something for me.  I racked my brain trying to think what it would be....when she pulled three of her sparkly rhinestoned tops out of her car I started laughing so hard!!  I thought it was so funny.  So I wore a sparkly shirt and jacket!  I told the other couple we went with to notice all the sparkles and it was so funny to sit and count them all.  :)  So thanks Katy for helping me fit in!!  

However, the couple we went with decided that me and Jared should have a jersey.  So I of course got a Korver jersey and Jared got D. Will!!  They had a pink Korver jersey with rhinestones but they only had tiny tiny sizes.  :(   It was such a fun game and really intense but the Jazz came out on top!  The Celtics have one of the best records in the NBA right now and so it was really awesome that we won.  

Here is the confetti and score board to prove how cool it was!!

So the bad news is....the couple must have totally liked us because they called Jared the next day and asked if we wanted to go again to the Saturday night game and be the UPS suite!!!  My nice husband said he better let someone else in his department have a turn...grrr!  So maybe next time!!