Thursday, March 26, 2009


I cannot even believe that my baby is 2!!!! I cannot even handle how cute she is and how much fun I have with her. I remember back to the day when I found out I was pregnant with her. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I literally cried for like two months! Boston was such a colicky (sp?) baby and he was only 9 months old when I found out that I was prego with Lillie! He had just gotten where he was easy. He was crawling and sleeping through the night. The thought of doing all of that all over again was so overwhelming! I remember taking the test and it was positive and I was crying and Jared was trying to comfort me and I didn’t say anything for a long time and Jared finally said are you okay and I said it better be a girl or else…….lol!!!! So about four months later on Bostons 1st birthday I had went and had a gender ultrasound done and I told the ultrasound guy to not tell me the gender and put it in on a paper I had scrapbooked and that night on his birthday I opened it with all the family!!! It was such a fun thing and such a special experience for me and Jared.

So low and behold on March 26th came our little Lillie Ashlie(she shares her birthday with her Auntie Kellie) weighing in at 7 lb 7 oz! She wasn’t colicky, or fussy, and honestly has been so easy from day 1. I think most of that has to do with me learning to let the little things go. I threw the books away and let her do her own thing….well for the most part. Also she has her dads laid back personality and Boston is more stubborn like me!

So two years later and Lillie we all just love you so much! I am so grateful that our Heavenly Father sent you to our family. Even if Mom didn't think she was ready for you! Such a testimony builder for mom that He does have a plan for us even if it doesn’t match what we think our plan is! Happy Birthday Lillie---I love you sweetie!!!!!

I tried flipping her hair out with my flat iron lol!!

I've Been Waiting for this!!

Boston is my wild child! He jumps off anything, climbs everything, and can just run so fast! I have always wondered when he would break something! Anyway, on Tuesday at my sisters he got on the dirt bike with Morgan and some how his foot got caught in the wheel. Luckily, he was wearing shoes becasuse his crocs were messed up pretty bad. Wednesday it looked pretty swollen and he wasn't walking on it so I took him to the doctor and like 3 hours later---After going to the doctor, then him sending us to the hospital, and then back to the doctor with x-ray results!! It was a long day with a 3 yr old! The good news is it is only sprained and not fractured like the doctor was thinking. But the infection is pretty bad. So he had to get two shots and is now on a strong anti -biotic for 10 days!

Here is picture of him right before his shots. I don' t know if you can see just the one tiny tear just sitting on his eye! :( He was so brave. And to reward him for being so good we went and got him some work tools!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

{-Cabin Getaway-}

Last weekend we went to my brother-in-law Johns cabin.  His family has the nicest cabin up Heber canyon.  It is called Timberlakes!  It is such a fun cabin and it is almost way too nice to call it a cabin.  It is more like a resort.  When we get to go we feel so spoiled.  So before I share our weekend I just want to say thanks to John and Ash and of course Pauline!!
My family is starting to change so much.  My parents now have 18 grand kids and we found out last week one little girl is on the way(Yay Tracie) so a total of 19!!  Which finally brings the running total count to 6 granddaughters and and 13 grandsons!  And so the age ranges from 16 down to 1. 
Anywho, on Friday my family, Tylers family, my parents, and John and his two youngest headed up.  We got up to the cabin around 3 and can I just tell you it is seriously a piece of heaven on earth.  Just being in the cabin surrounded by beautiful snow, mountains, and family.  It doesn't get much better than that.  That night we just snow mobiled, played games, and ate.  Very relaxing and within a half hour of being there me and my ma took a nap!  It was quite nice.  I was wondering how Boston and Lillie would like the snowmobiles and they both loved them.  Lillie was a little hesitant at first but she eventually came around.  
Saturday Tracie and her family and Ashlie, Morgan and Allie came up around 12.  Once again just a lot of laughing, playing, and of course good eating.  That is one thing that happens when you go to the cabin.  Everyone is assigned a meal and so everyone goes all out and when it comes time for lunch and dinner your not even hungry but everyone eats because it all looks so good!  Saturday night was so fun.  Cody got all of us playing a clapping game.  Kinda like big booty but different.  My family are not huge game players and so it was fun to do that.  Then out of the blue Cody says "Simon Says stand up!!"  So you better believe it...we all played Simon says.  It was so funny and he did the most random "Simon Says!"  I literally started to pee my pants! 
Sunday was a good day as well.  More eating, playing some games, and just relaxing.  One of my other favorite parts about being at the cabin is listening to Kellie tell stories.  She is the best story teller in the whole world!!  She talks so fast and you really have to listen close to catch everything!  I love it!  She is the best sis-in-law!  Well like always we have to pack up and go home.  I always hate when it is time to leave the cabin.  It means you have to go back to real life!  :(  Boston and Lillie had so much fun playing with there cousins.  Almost everyday they want to go see Brit or Johnnie or Kaels!  I am so grateful that we live so close to our families and my kids do get to know all of there cousins!  We missed Ben and his family and I hope that they will be around to come next time.  Here are a few pics of our weekend.  We seriously had so much fun!  

The beautiful TIMBERLAKES cabin!  Oh so fun!!

Sitting around the bar chatting!
Ma ~ Ash ~ Tracie

The kids watching a DVD--Boston, Brynlie, Beretta, and Lillie

We also had a little scary moment at the cabin.  Most of the kids were outside and Kellie and Jack were upstairs getting ready for the day when we heard this huge glass crash.  We were not sure when the noise came from.  We thought Jack had pulled something over.  Tyler finally went into the bathroom and the mirror that is 42x49 had totally fallen off the wall.  Kellie had just left the bathroom so we are glad no one got hurt. 

Poor Allie doesn't have anyone her age to play with so she gets stuck helping with babies.  Making sippies and cuddling with them!  Thanks Al!

You gotta love my dad!  His new pup had an eye infection so he had to bring them to give them its medicine!

Here is Jack!  He plays so good all by himself.  You never hear a peep out of him until someone sings "I like to move it" and then he gets mad!  LOL!!

Lillie and Jack--They are three weeks apart and are starting to be good little buddies!

Brit and Boston are already best buds.  They love to play with each other!

Cody and Brynlie!  She is getting so big!

Here is Lillie's best friend.  Uncle Johnnie!  She loves this guy so much!  He always is so cute with her too!  I love it because it makes Ashlie so mad that she chooses John!  However, Boston does prefer Ashlie.  So I think we are ever. :P

Boston ~ Beretta ~ Kael
The picture is kind of blurry but I still love it!

Brooke ~ Syd ~ Lillie

Thanks Ty for the good chocolate fountain!  MMMM!!!

My little family right before we left the cabin!  Did I mention that I am starting to freak out a little that Lillie will be two in like two weeks!!  Ahhh!  Shes my baby!