Thursday, September 23, 2010

1/2 a lIfE

I hardly can believe my little guy has been with us for SIX months! Oh how we love him!  He is always happy, super sweet spirit, smiley, giggly, and well just perfect!  I am so happy to have him in my life!  Boston and Lillie simply adore him!  When he goes down for naps they cry and when he wakes up they can hardly wait to go in and greet him.  Paxton loves me but I think he is going to be a Daddy's boy!  Whenever Jared walks in the door his whole little face lights up!  His eyebrows raise really high and he starts flapping his legs and arms until Jared gets him!  When Jared does finally get him he snuggles up in his necks and acts all shy!  He can now rollover any which way.  He rolls to me wherever I am sitting!  He has two bottom teeth with his top four ready to bust at any moment!  He can sit up!  Which we both love!!!  He is still only eating rice cereal.  I tried sweet potatoes and bananas once and he gagged so I have just been waiting.  So let me sum it up for you!  He is the best thing that has happened to us since well....Lillie!  We love you Pax!!

~One Day Old~
~One Month~
~Two Months~
~Three Months~
~Four Months~
~Five Months~
~Six Months~

Friday, September 10, 2010

some of my favs of summer 2010

Part I
Real Salt Lake Game -- David Cook concert followed! ~
~Watch out Tyson is dishing out huge YELLOW cards~

Lillie and Bostons Swim lessons
Boston learned to ride one of these!

Paxton learned how to hold one of these...

Boston of course had to get one of these.... {now most kids would probably be scared but he is a trained professional by now}

Favorite shirt of all summer...possibly of all times! I want one in my size!

Paxtons favorite summer past time!

Seriously are they not the cutest kids in the whole world?!?!?

Lillies favorite new app on Jareds phone lets her do fun pics like this! Yes, thats right my daughter knows how to work Apps on her dads iPhone! {what is this world coming to?}


Calie had a birthday...shout HOORAY! Not that we ever really need an excuse to celebrate!!! Just ask my husband! ;) We had a good time none the less!

We started out the party at Rumbi's Grill! Which was really yummy!

Then headed to do some awesome karokeing at Pirate Island!

We seriously laughed so hard!
So once again thanks to Calie for having a birthday!!!

went to St. Geezy!

Tyler and Kellie invited to St. George over the 24th! We had such a good time hanging out with them. We went to a few parks, swimming, Toy Story 3! Went to Texas Roadhouse, Spoon Me, and my new favorite the Orange Peel!!!!!! We went to the fireworks and just plain relaxed. It was a good time and we were so glad to be invited!
Jackers, Bos, Lillers
Two Thumbs Up for the Swimmers
The kids dying of heat at the park!
Aren't we so talented!
We had such a fun getaway! Thanks again bro! <3

we had one of these.....

Doesn't Erin just look absolutely gorgeous!! I personally think she does! Erin got married to Mark on August 7th! It was such a beautiful day! The reception was in Jareds moms backyard and she did such a good job with all her crafty ideas. I will have to try and get some of the pictures and show you how creative she is!

Anywho, we are so excited for the newlyweds! Boston however was a little jealous! He loves Aunt Erin and he is not quite okay with the idea that Erin is somebody elses! He doesn't know what to think about Mark but where Boston lacks Lillie makes up! She loves Mark! She asks me all the time if she can have a play date with Erin's fiance!! :) Oh poor Mark! He has no clue what he just married into! :D
Love this pic!
This are Jareds sisters and his brother! It was late...ha ha!

Some stuff....

I am going to try and update a lot over the next week of "some stuff" we did over the summer! So the first thing!

Went to Grandma Greats in Idaho!
Tractor Ride with Grandpa
Bostons turn to drive!
And Now Lillies!

We had such a fun trip hanging out with cousins, playing games, and of course eating some delicious food! We love going to Idaho!!