Tuesday, July 28, 2009


CAUTION----My camera is broke and we have not found a new one yet so...if you don't like blog posts without pictures then go ahead and skip!!!

Things that get me EXCITED!!!

#1. Laying in bed Saturday and Sunday mornings with Jared, Boston, and Lillie! We sing songs, listen to the kids tell stories, tickle, and giggle!

#2. Kinda gross....but when Lillie poops! I get really excited if it was not pebbles! :P

#3. At about 6 p.m. Monday-Friday because that mean it is time for Daddy to come home!

#4. Sunday dinner at either Grandparents house.

#5. The sound of the boat!

#6. Wake skating on the boat!

#7. Freshly cleaned kids in new jammies!

#8. Being with family.

#9. Laughing with old friends, new friends, neighbors!

#10. Having a DVD player in my car!! ;)

#11. Apple Pie Apple

#12. Being a mom to the cutest kids ever!

#13. Playing softball...starts next week!

#14. Badmitten tournaments!

and lastly because Jared says my list is getting long is..........

#15. Diet pepsi with a lime in a styrofoam cup with crushed ice from Dan's!!!!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Naked Naked ---- 3rd post in one day!!!

Okay seriously! Lillie is so funny and she is just getting so big and talks so good and seriously keeps all of us entertained! So last night at 2:26 A.M I hear her singing e i e i o! So I go into her room and she asks for a hot dog, milk, and chips!! I tell her no and to go back to bed. She comes out some time later and wants to lay with me and well long story short this goes on for awhile!!! At 4:53 A.M. I get out my bed walk into her room and tell her to go to bed. No more talking, singing, or crying! I am used to getting my sleep. I don't have newborns or lousy sleepers! I have awesome sleepers!

Okay, so moving on! 8:15 rolls around and Boston comes into my room and asks for me to turn the t.v. on for him so he can watch Curious George! I roll out of bed, walk into the living room, open my eyes and find this....................................

butt freakin NAKED!!! And fast asleep!!! Me and Boston sat and giggled and of course I had to go wake up Jared and make him witness in on the action!!! (side note--some miraculous thing happened and she did not pee anywhere)!

So thank you Lillie for keeping us giggling! I love you! I love you! I love you!


Here is the last picture taken with Bostons soccer cast on! Him and Lillie were bothing waiting patiently for the tech to come and take it off!

Here is the tech taking off his once white soccer ball cast turn yellow soccer ball cast. As he was taking off the cast he asked me which one of my twins came out first (like who was older) and I just had to laugh because I am starting to get this question asked on a weekly basis. So my answer is...well he did by 17 months! You should have seen his face. Priceless! I think his mind was still thinking twins born 17 months apart and then when it registered! It was funny!

Boston would not take his eyes off the cast. He never cried or even whined! He just sat up so tall and brave and never made a peep!

First pictures without the cast! :)
I know they are my kids and I have to think they are the cutest but...seriously they are!!

And lastly...I am grateful for modern technology! Really I am but in my opinion here is where casts belong.......................

in the trash!

Lake Powell

We had such a fun trip to Lake Powell! Here are some things you need to know when going to Powell!!

Sunscreen -- Check
Life jackets -- Check
Water Toys -- Check
Fun -- Check

No, but seriously of course you have to have some kind of boat drama in Lake Powell. Which we did but putting all that aside we had such a good time!

Here we all are hanging out on the boat!

Can you find me?????

The kids...lol...Me, Jared, Tyson, and Erin

Tyson taught us how to do this cool thing. He learned it on his mission. The shutter stays open for fifteen seconds and you use a flash light to make the heart and then me and Jared just move. Pretty fun...we spent every night doing this for hours!!

I think the most fun part for Jared was having Tyson home! I know that I can't live without my sisters and the last two years Jared has missed Ty! So WELCOME HOME TY!!