Sunday, June 27, 2010

{Summer Sunday's}

I love summer and especially Summer Sundays spent at my parents house (I love them at Jareds parents house as well...that is for another post)! Some of my favorite childhood memories were spent at my grandparents home playing with cousins! I feel so blessed that my kids are getting those same memories! A typical Sunday afternoon usually starts out with dinner and yes I know that we are spoiled! Every Sunday is either my Moms or Jareds Moms or both!! So a quick thank you to the moms for providing Sunday dinner!! :) I did not get pics of us eating dinner but here is an idea of how the rest of the night goes!

Usually after dinner most of us will do this...ya know just to let it digest a bit!

While others play on the Mac or in Jared's case feed Pax!
A lot of teasing from the Grandpa!
The kids would die without these!!!! I swear my Mom keeps Macey's in business!

The newest addition to the family that the kids love is Pepper Shepherd De La Rue!

Ashlie is always cold so you can usually find her doing this ha ha don't kill me sister

okay or this....
Great Grandma Shepherd only comes to see the babies! She loves all of them and believe me we have plenty for her to kiss on!!!

Grandpa comes for the treats and always take a little snooze!

The gang talking it up!
We usually have some awesome treats...for example tonight was Homemade Oreo's courtesy of Tracie!

Here is the parking lot out front!

More visitors come....Auntie Di and Gavin! We love when they come to visit!

This is Boston and Brit's favorite new friend!!! Preston ha ha ok Weston!! Weston bought my grandpas house and we love him! The boys love to go play basketball with him! So thanks to Weston for entertaining them! We love when you come to visit on Sundays too!

Oh and did I mention we take naps! ~sigh~ Johnny loves when anyone will take a nap with him! His kids are too big now!

We always have firsts...tonight it was Brynlie going down the fire pole! She's 2 and oh so cute!

Last but not I not have the cutest parents in the world!? I just love you both so much! It is their 40 yr. anniversary this summer!! Ahh...40!! They are just too cute. My mom showed me today a love letter that my dad wrote her last week! They are such good examples to all of us kids! I feel so blessed to have them as parents!

So thanks Mom and Dad for letting us come every Sunday and trash your house!! At least now it is summer and your house stays clean! We will keep coming every week if you let us! Please just have popsicles for the kids and some shade for the adults!!

Ashlie coud not put it any better.........

So long story short! If you are ever bored on a Sunday come on over...we will save a spot for you in the shade and a popsicle for your kids! :P

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Best of Friends

So when we moved to Salem I was kinda sad! I have lived in Spanish Fork my whole life minus the what....20 months in Rexburg and then like....18 months in Provo! Needless to say I never wanted to live in Salem. Everyone from Salem has webbed feet ;) I had tons of friends from Salem who loved it and I knew the people were pretty nice but the freeway is far away, they didn't have a grocery store, and they did not even have a red box!! We got such a steal on our house we could not pass it up! So in we moved!! Now flash forward...we have now been in our house 4 years and 12 days!! Crazy! And oh how my feelings have changed for this little town we now call home!!! We now have a grocery store, our very own red box, and they made a new road that makes getting to a freeway a little easier! I think if I had to choose I don't think I would EVER move to SF!!! I still love SF but I think my heart belongs to Salem (don't tell my Dad)!!

The best part about Salem are my friends! We have made so many long lasting friends. Some have moved away, some we don't see as often due to a LAME ward split but either way they are still my friends! I love them all so much. For my birthday in April they all spoiled me. We went to Los Hermanoes and then to The Back Up Plan!! It was such a fun night. They gave me a scrapbook of memories that we have made over the last four years. I hold all of those memories so dear! These ladies have helped me not go crazy when my kids are driving me crazy! They have given me good advice. Borrow food from their fridge and so on! The list could go on forever! :) I really would be lost without you. I know that over the years we will all probably move and our paths won't always be crossing but no matter where we are just remember I would do anything for you ladies at the drop of a hat!!! :)

Heidi, Andrea, Me, Calie, and Marie ~~~~~~~~~~Pam, Brandy, Abbie, Sarah, Katy

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Paxton's Blessing

We decided to hurry and throw together Paxton's blessing while Jenni was here. I have never blessed one of my babies at my house but since it was not a fast sunday that is what our Bishop suggested we do! I actually really liked it. It seemed more personal or something. April 25th turned out to be a very nice and sunny day. Jared gave Paxton such a great blessing. Paxton was such a good boy the whole time. We all love him so much!! I don't know what we would do without his sweet spirit in our home! I don't know if it is the 3rd child syndrome but we did not get the best pictures on his special day. Especially one of just him!!! Not entirely my fault because he slept most of the time!! :)

Our Little Family






The Whole Gang