Monday, December 3, 2012

Mama I'm a Big girl Now

I went to bed with a pit in my stomach.  It was gong to be a very hard day.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  It always has been.  I love to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while I helped my Mom bake.  I knew that whenI woke up in the morning that it was going to be a hard day.  We did get a call on Thanksgiving Eve telling us that our container would be delievered the next day!   It was music to my ears!  We woke up Thanksgiving morning and called home to Jareds family.  They were just about to sit up to eat.  My mother-in-laws decorations made us homesick!  The food looked amazing!  I could feel that pit getting bigger.....  

When what to my wondering eyes did appear....
a container of stuff from the U.S. to here!!! 

We got the kids off to school and we unpacked our hearts out!
We giggled and laughed at the things that we found!

A shot glass from Nashville Tennesse, a mason jar without a lid, a broken snow globe (that was broken before it left Utah), and of course a neighbors cup!

The kids were in love with their "new" toys!

From capes

to salt and pepper shakers

to decorations

it was starting to feel like home!

Much thanks to the wonderful people who lent us bedding, cookware, and toys! 
You were all little angels in our life!

We unpacked late into the night and at the same time started our Thanksgiving baking!  We found two families in our Ward to help us celebrate.  One family in our ward the Mom is from California and so that was fun and the other family in our ward lived in Utah for a few years while he did a Masters Program.  Jared took on the turkey which turned out so yummy!  
It would not be Thanksgiving with out the best Cranberry Salad EVER!

It felt like Thanksgiving!  There was food had by all!

a kids table

an adult table

movie watching by youngsters

Aussie teenagers wondering what in the world we are celebrating

adults that love food and never stop talking

more bored teenagers hehe

seriously...what is Thanksgiving

The whole crew who helped me not miss home too much!  
Amazing people that we are so lucky to know!

Healsville Sanctuary

A couple weeks ago my kids had a public holiday!
The Melbourne Cup
It's kinda like the Kentucky Derby
Prince Charles came from England among other celebs.

So we left the city and went to a little slice of Lake Shore!
Not really!
Felt like it though.  It was the first that we have seen cows,
sheep, and farms!

Love the scenery!

Grape Vineyards

And more vineyards.  

We got to our destination after one or two minor complications
with Gloria (our GPS)!

Healsville Sanctuary is a zoo like. 
Mainly just Australian animals!

The kids got to meet.........

Fell even more in love with Koala bears!

It was a rainy day but that didn't stop us!
Kangaroos in the background.

Lizard, for Hunter!

Kangaroo, that the kids got to feed!


If you let rainy days stop you in Melbourne,
well you wouldn't be going anywhere!

It goes from rainy to sunny to windy 
in a matter of minutes!

oh and in case you were wondering