Thursday, March 31, 2011

~My Little Pony~

I seriously can't believe my little imaginateer (yes I just made that word up) is 4!  Wow, do I just love this little girl!  She is so fun and comes up with the craziest things! I honestly don't know what I would do without her sweet spirit in our home.  She is a very easy child who usually just goes with the flow!

A couple weeks ago she decided that she loves loves loves "My Little Pony!"  So we went with it and she loved it!

Patiently waiting for her friends to come! 
How cute are her little friends!

She kinda took charge of her own party.  She told them they needed to get a crayon. Color. Tell her their favorite My Little Pony. When it was time to open presents and so on.  I kinda felt like I didn't need to be there.  She had it under control.

My two cute little helpers!

The Decor...always important!!

Getting ready to open presents.....
(is she not the cutest thing in the whole world)

Love her expression!!! hugs of thanks!  
We had such a fun little day with her and her cute friends!  Girls are just SOOO much different than rowdy boys!  However, tears were shed because feelings did get hurt!  So I guess some things just always stay the same! ;)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jared's Turn

So Katie always gets to update our blog so I decided to take a shot at it as she went to pick up some farm fresh eggs.  Side note: love the farm fresh eggs!  Anyway, I decided that I would go through our enormous library of pictures and pick out my favorite ones.  Now I just picked my favorite pics.  It doesn't mean that they are the best pics, just my favorites...
 This is a favorite moment because it was my first date with Katie.  I know cheesy date to temple square, but it was also cheesy cuz we went to the Pie too!

 This was the only time I have had the opportunity to meet the Prophet.  It was indescribable.

To this day, this is probably my favorite picture of Boston.
 No matter if she is four going of fourteen, she will always be my Lillie Bear!
 She is just my favorite.  Look at the pointed toes.  Always a dancer!
One of my favorite vacations.  Go Yankees!

Well, I only got through like 2008, so I will have to do this again another time.  Sorry Pax, I will get you next time!

This happened this month!

Oh Bos!  What are we going to do with you!?

Sad to say Goodbye...

My kids and I were so sad to say goodbye to such good friends!  We loved the Brown family so much!  So super sweet, kind, and generous!  I hope one day to be as organized and on the ball as Andrea!  We will sure miss Brayden, Brooklyn, and Britton!  Good luck on your new adventure!

The kids having a last "hoo-rah!" Luckily it was a sunny day!!