Saturday, August 30, 2008

~Park City & Cousins~

Okay really quick last week we babysat Jack and Kael.  Lillie and Jack are like three weeks apart and they were being silly with the camera and here is the only picture I got.  I think Jack thinks Lillie is crazy!   :)  Kellie's boys always look so cute and handsome and look at Lillie--total rug rat!

Next we went to Park City with Jareds family.  We do this every year with the Augers and it is always a ton of fun!  We usually stay until Sunday but Jareds dad, Kevin, got put in as Bishop last Sunday so we had to cut our trip short. Bummer but of course what we did do was fun!   We did the outlets, Swiss Days, boating, hot tubbing, and swimming laps(Jared was trying to be Michael Phelps) Anyway, enjoy the pics...We had fun shopping...notice the bags!

We had fun playing at the condo with our cousins.

Me and Jared did not have fun waking up at 5 a.m. to Boston peeing the bed!  :(  And then to Lillie waking up for good at 6:35.  O well!  Not the best picture but hey we were tired!  

Boating was of course fun!  Boston and Lillie love the boat!  They had fun playing with McKay and Halle on the boat.  Jamies kids are very cute and such good examples for my kids!

Okay so all in all it was such a fun trip and it was fun to get away.  When we got home Jared carried the kids in and they crashed on the floor.  Poor kids but I guess that was a good sign of having fun, exhaustion, and waking up too early!  Thanks to Kevin and JoAnn for such a fun weekend.  We can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Tie and New Hair Dos

First I just have to show you this cute Tie that Elder Auger sent Boston from the mission!  Tyson is serving in Czech and Boston got a little package in the mail.  The letter he wrote him was so cute and so thoughtful.  When i read the letter I totally cried.  It was just so cute.  I thought it was so nice of him to take time out of his mission for his little nephew.  So we don't really have anything for the tie to match so don't worry I know it doesn't match and no he didn't wear it to church like that!  

Okay and we got a new hair do for Lillie!  Oh man she is just so cute.  I was getting so sick of the mullet.  I mean look how long that puppy us!  Sick!  The only way I could entertain her why Lacey was cutting was to let her play with my gum.  Sick I know but it worked.  Anyway, so Lacey just cut it into a little bob and then i decided today I would try spiking it in the back.  I thought it turned out pretty cute!  Thanks Lacey!  

Friday, August 8, 2008

Brit's Benefit

This is a picture of Brit one day after his accident at Primary Childrens Hospital. They have such an amazing staff. The surgeon who did his face was amazing.

A bunch of the kids last night watching the roping. Boston, Brit, Kael, and Evan!
Boston and Brit...buddies for life!

About a month ago my nephew got tramped by a horse. It was really scary. He is such a cute kid and he is only freaked me out to watch him go thorugh such a trial at a young age(boston's age). His injuries include: a fractured skull, 3 broken ribs, 2 hoof prints on his chest, a hole in his lung, a broken foot in 3 places, a bunch of stitches and staples in the back of his head and to the front of his face. It ripped his face from like his lip kinda up to his ear. When the accident happened they took him to Heber Hospital because that is where they were camping but they immediately life flighted him to Primary Childrens. Last night some people put on a Roping Rodeo Benefit to help pay for some of the hospital bills. Over 100 roping teams showed up which was so amazing. Also people bought a ton of raffle tickets and also just donated money.
It was such an amazing night. Brit is such a trooper and literally the life of every party. He has such a charismatic personality that everyone is drawn to. He is a good little cowboy. If someone would have told us that in one month he would be doing this awesome we would not have believed them. Boston loves Brit and is always excited to play with him.