Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So we really are alive! I am so sorry I have gotten so lazy. My new camera is a little hard to figure out. Anywho, we had family pictures with my side like three weeks ago and with Jareds family last Sunday. So here is my parents with all the "grandkids!!" Nineteen of them are in the picture, one passed away as a baby, so the bump in my belly is #21!!! Can you believe that! Crazy!~

Ashlies kids - Allie 17, Morgan 15, Sydnie 12, Nate 9

Tracie kids - Brooklyn 9, Beretta 6, Brit 3, Brynlie 1, and Brielle 2 months

Tylers kids- Evan 8, Kael 5, Jack 2 (so adorable crying - lol - he want his dad!)

Bens kids - Jayden 10, Bryar 8, Brenden 6, Kylan 3, and Beckam 1

and ya all now Boston and Lillie