Monday, January 7, 2013


So the story goes like this.  It was a lovely November day when we got an offer from a friend to come and watch our kids so we could go out on the town!  We decided to go to Teppanyakis!  It literally used to be the only thing I would eat when we first got married and so we decided to do a throw back date.  The funny thing about Teppanyaki is that you sit around a table for an hour and it can be really awkward.  Or, sometimes, you get the really chatty people which makes it a little more fun.  Or, my favorite time EVER was at the one in Provo and it was a BYU couples first date and the guy put a bunch of rolled up papers on the table and he told her to pick one.  I tried not to stare but I was just so so curious!!  I believe the paper read something like..."favorite childhood memory!"  Oh my!  As my dad would say, Zoobies!!!

Anyway, I am off track here.  We sat at a table that was really quite nice with a few other people.  Not too quiet and not too chatty!  When the chef had finished this older couple started talking to me and Jared.  They had noticed our accent and wanted to know a little bit about us.  They were there celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary.  Such a nice couple.  As we got up to leave they asked us for our number and if we would like to come over for a BBQ.  Judy, (my newest Aussie friend) couldn't imagine what it would be like for our little family to be away from home.  Such a nice sweet person.  We left there and I told Jared that they probably never will call us but that it was a nice gesture.  To my surprise, 45 minutes after we got home from dinner we got a call from Judy.  She rang her son and either December 1st or 8th would be a great day for a bbq with her family. I told Jared both were wide open {literally} on the calendar.  He hung up the phone and marked our calendar for December the 1st, BBQ!

About 5 days after the phone all we got a formal invitation in the mail inviting us to the BBQ.  A perfect hand drawn map on how to get to there house!

The day before the BBQ we got a phone call to make sure we were still on!  

This is the picture that I sent to my mom on the way to the BBQ that read something like..."in case they are serial killers this is our last official photo!"  

*kinda blurry...sorry

wait for it


Oh, wait!!!

You don't need to wait for anything!  We survived!  It was a very lovely afternoon.  We ended up being there for more than 5 hours!!  It was such a fun day.  Judy and Alec made such a yummy lunch for us and dessert.  Their son and his wife came and they have three kids.  The kids played so good together and everyone was so happy!  We just sat on the back patio and chatted.  It truly was something we will never forget.  The people down under are seriously wonderful people!

The girls!

The boys!

The crew!!

Judy and Alec were great hosts.  I really could take a page out of her book on proper hosting etiquette!  We got a Christmas card from them and we couldn't be happier about our newest friends.  

Teppanyaki Round 2

We decided to take the kids to Teppanyaki for New Years Eve!  The kids loved it...especially Paxton!! He is really at the age where he eats everything up!!!  

Happy New Years!  Here is to 2013!

Aussie Christmas

In some ways it felt like any other Christmas!  The stockings were hung, the tree was lit, presents were wrapped, and Christmas programs were had!  The month itself was a lot slower than the normal crazy December.   No family parties, or work parties, or neighborhood parties.  We were missing the snow a little....for a minute.  The kids got out of school on December 21st and they do not go back until January 31st.  It is our "summer break!"  January is equivalent to our July.  It is a hot month and super busy.  Literally, Australia pretty much shuts down for 3 weeks or more.  Nobody goes back to work and everyone is on "holiday!"  It is a very different way of life but one that we could easily get on board with!  

Here are some shots from the kids programs.  It was a fun night.  It was outside.  The kids wore shorts, thongs (flip flops...geesh..get your mind out of the guitar), and t-shirts!  They sang Christmas songs and non-Christmas songs.  For example, Payphone, Skinny Love, and 500 Miles!  {insert a pic of me and jared looking at each other confused}  The kids did such a good job.  

Bostons class taking part! 

Lillie and her teacher Mrs. Emonson -- We love her!!

Boston and the School Captain, Riley Smith
{Thanks to this young man Boston loved his school}
{Boston started to cry after the program was over because he realized that Riley goes onto "High School" next year and won't be at school...Boston has such a tender heart}

Lillies class! I know I am biased but she is so CUTE!


Christmas Eve came and it was weird.  So so weird.  They do not really celebrate Christmas Eve in Australia and so we did what we would have normally done if we still lived in Utah.  Normally, first thing in the morning we head to breakfast for one of my oldest friends, Julies Birthday.  We started this tradition 8 or 9 years ago and it is something we look forward to every year.  From breakfast we go to a movie with Jareds family.  So this year we took the kids to see Rise of the Guardians.   Then we came home and watched Christmas movies, baked, and tried to stay busy!  When it came time to make dinner me and Jared were both feeling down and just could't do it and so we took the kids out to dinner.  Random!  Some Italian place that was actually really yummy and the kids were aMazing at dinner!  

We came home and instead of acting out the Nativity scene Jared read it to them and showed them a clip from  It was really good and the kids listened intently to what he had to say!


 Man the kids are just getting so big!  Boston is my brother Tyler to a T!!!  He was so excited for Christmas this year.  He came into my room at 4 am and said mom is it time yet?  No, bud go back to bed!  Off he walked back to bed...shoulders slumped and all!!  Times passes.  Not much time.  5:10 comes and I hear his footsteps Boston go back to bed!  It's almost time and you don't want Santa to miss us!!  He then came in at around 7:30 and at that point I thought he should be put out of his misery!  I let him go wake up his brother and sister!  So excited!!!

Loving this age!  If you look closely Boston is about ready to swipe that 1D book away from him.  :)

We spent most of our morning FaceTiming!  It was a good thing and a bad thing.  Sure did make us homesick but it also kept us in the loop!  Technology really is an amazing thing and we feel so so so blessed that we can have anyone at the other end for practically FREE!!!  

We got invited to our friends house for Christmas dinner.  The weirdest part about the whole thing is that it was a BBQ and we hung out outside all day!!! Far out!!!  

Here is the hostess with he rmostess!!  Serious need to give a shout out to them for letting us barge in on their Christmas!

Getting everything ready.  You will see on the table a "bon bon" this is a tradition thing at Christmas here in Australia.  The ones that you will find in all the stores are full of candy, a joke, and a hat made out of paper.  Deb and I made ours ourself.  We put in yummy candy, pops, and a dare!  Everyone had to go around the table and do some type of dare!  It made it really fun!

Lovely day for a Christmas BBQ!

Here are some of my favorite shots of our 1st Aussie Christmas! 

My sweet friend Kerri, Dane, Lincoln!

Hutch trying to tell the kids its not about the gifts even though they were so excited!

Paxton and Hunter

Lillie and Em

Kayla and Kerri

Paxton and Lincoln are best buds!  This was really serious little boy talk!

The yummy desserts selection!

Me and the Hubby!

A piƱata on Christmas!!! So foreign to us but he kids LOVED IT!

Another shot of the dessert table.  I made the cute banner to hang above it!  Seriously yummy food!

All in all it was a great Christmas!  A big shout out to Deb and Hutch for letting us be a part of your family.  Buying us gifts and making us feel like we were right at home.  I know that you were an answer to not only our prayers but our mums as well!  Also, a huge shout out to DHL for getting our packages to us on time!  My mom and Jareds mom sure spent a lot of money to get us presents and we are so thankful for that!  Also, to the few other people who sent us packages!  Thank you!  It is seriously such a nice thing to do.  Especially, when we get the package and see what you spent on postage!  So THANK YOU!!!  We also loved the Christmas cards we got in the mail.  We only got like 10 this year but those 10 are cherished!  By cherished I mean carried around, hung on kids walls, taken down to another kids rooms, we ate breakfast with them, and well you get the idea! So thank you for all being a part of our 1st Christmas away from home.  

And just for your is cute Boston!  The last number at his Christmas program was for "Choir Members  Only!"  Me and Jared were a little shocked when we saw Boston get up and go up on stage.  Neither of us knew he was in the choir!  You be the judge?  :)

Merry Christmas!