Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hello New York City

Well all I can say is we had such a fun trip!  New York is such a fun place to visit.  It is seriously the city that never sleeps.  The only thing about the whole trip that was hard was the red eye flight.  We got into JFK at 5:01 a.m.--early right?  We weren't tired that day but the next day it took a huge toll on us.  Also, that same morning we flew we went straight to Regis and Kelly!  Exciting...no!  They took stand by numbers 1-60 and low and behold me and Jared were 61 and 62!   :(  I seriously was trying to hold back the tears!  Oh well!  

So we packed a lot into our days and nights!  We went to Wicked the first night and it was so so good.  We both loved it.  Then we did a bunch of other stuff David Letterman, Ground Zero, Time Square, Chinatown, The Today Show concert series with Natasha Beddingfield(who was so awesome live), and just some downtown shopping!!!  But I would have to say the highlight of the trip was the Yankees game!  We loved it!  It was such a good game!  We saw two home runs by the Yankees--A Rod and Cano!  And the Yankees won 7 to 1 against the Oakland A's.  The new Yankee stadium looks pretty sweet!   

We owe the biggest thank you to Gary and Melanie!  Our friends that we met at BYU our first semester at Wyview.  Gary is doing an internship in the City for a law firm.  They lived right in the city and it was so fun to have that experience.  It was fun to go home to an apartment in the city and get buzzed in...we felt like true New Yorkians!  They were the best hosts!  They live in the city so they new a ton of great places to eat and visit.  They were so much fun.  It was so good to be with Mel too.  She is such a fun friend and it is just so easy with her.  She is such a good mom and I always learn my best parenting skills from her.  And Gary is so fun.  He always keeps us laughing.  :)

Okay so the last night we were there we went to watch Heart N Soul compete.  It was so awesome we took 12 or 13 dances and only one dance didn't place, and then we got two 2nd places, and the rest were 1st!  :)  They also give out 3 over $1,000 awards and HNS got 2 of them!  It was so fun to watch the girls hard work pay off.  They were so excited...but it was even better to watch Diane.  She was on cloud 9!  Congrats girls!!

So all in all it was such a fun trip.  Me and Jared totally felt like we mastered the subway system.  Whenever we got off and we were at our correct destination it felt so good lol! So I would have to say the best part of the whole trip was probably being with just Jared.  NO kids to distract us.  We had never left our kids so it was weird not having to worry about naps, and sippy cups, and Cinderella.  :)  It felt like old times!  We need to say thanks to everyone who helped with the kids.  You are all awesome.  Especially to Lacey!!  Your the best!  We can't wait to go again!  LOL

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July

Oh boy!~ What a weekend! We started out with breakfast at Jared's parents and then we went boating. Lillie and I didn't end up going boating because she was so tired and I was starting to feel sick, so we headed home for a 3 1/2 hour nap! However, Boston and Jared had such a good time on the boat.
I did get some close up pics of Lillie's rolls in her arms before I got her ready for her nap!!
When Jared got home, we went to Salem pond and had a little picnic with my family. I didn't bring my camera and I was so mad because someone had put this huge slip n slide at the pond at we look over and Boston had taken off his shirt and was just making him self right at home. He loved it! After Salem Pond we went back up to Jared's parents and had a bbq. One thing is always for sure at the Auger home...way good food! Jared's dad is a good cook! We only could stay at their house for just a little bit because we had to start heading to the STADIUM OF FIRE!!
It turned out to be so much fun. Jared didn't want to take the kids and I was like "who is going to babysit on the 4th," so we ended up taking them. Luckily, they were such angels! They loved it! Lillie hated the fireworks and sometimes the music was too loud but we just covered her ears and she would just kinda lay on us!! We loved Blue Man Group and I loved Miley!
I was kinda disappointed that she sang so many new songs but she was still good.
We got sweet parking and we were out of the park and home and in bed by like 11!
Yay for us and our kids!
Saturday when I woke up I was just so sick. Yuck!
Jared left for golf at like 10 and the kids and I just hung out at home. They had like four hour naps and of course I couldn't fall asleep. We met Jared at 5;00 for Brooklyn's baptism. It is weird to me that I have all these nieces and nephews turning eight. Crazy! Anyway after her baptism we went to see the movie Hancock with our neighbors. It was on okay show! It swears alot alot. I really like Will Smith so that part of the show was good!
Okay so the weekend had gone pretty good for the most part and then Sunday came. I was just sick and just felt like blah! We went to my moms house for a bbq around 2:00 and at about 4:30 my niece Sydnie runs in the room and says "Lillie has a whole in her head!!!!!" Yep. That's right she fell and hit her head on the corner of the piano bench and it put a whole in her forehead. So Jared and I left to take her to Payson hospital(that is where our insurance is) and the wait was like 2 hours so we left and went to Riverwoods Urgent Care.... After filling out 20 minutes of paperwork they take me back and the doctor says that it needs stitches and she needs to go to a hospital because they don't sedate...I was so mad! So off we go to Timpanogas Hospital! Yay for them! They looked at Lillies cut and decided that all she needed was super glue. It was such a relief but at the same time I was so mad at Riverwoods. It was like that doctor just didn't even want to work! Bug so Timp was great and she looks as good as new! However she can not get sun burnt for one year!
I finally went to the doctor on Monday and I need to go to an ENT because it is looking like I need my tonsils out! :) Anyway all in all I would say we had a good weekend! Always exciting when you have kids! Happy 4th!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

*Laughing Lillie*

So Lillie woke up from her nap today and she just thought she was so funny!  She just kept looking away from me and then turning her head and laughing.  For some odd reason I had my camera and she was loving it!  I was laughing so hard......  :)