Thursday, March 27, 2008

I've been TAGGED

This tag is for Kandas. - Jared is easy to talk about so here we go...ENJOY!!!

What is his full name? Jared Kevin Auger

How long have you been married? This July will be four years!:)  (wow thats long huh)

How long did you date? We dated three months and then we got engaged and then we were married four months later.  

Who eats more sweets? um....totally me!

Who said I love you first?  He did!  

How old is he? 25

Who is taller? Jare

Who is smarter? He definitely is more school smart but common sense I think I win hands down!  :)

Who sings better? That would be Jared again!

Who does the laundry? Me most of the time but he helps and occasionally will start whites if he needs them!

Who pays the bills? Well everything is online except for Salem City and Questar and so I pay them!

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Jared does...I like that side better but I am closer to the door so I can help the kids!

Who mows the lawn? Jared...i have never mowed a lawn in my life.  Kinda sad!

Who drives? Jared wins again

Who is more stubborn? Me for sure for sure for sure!!

Who kissed who first? He kissed me and it took him like 12 KOZY songs for him to do it and it was freezin cold.

Who asked who out? Well Jared called me at BYU Idaho and asked if I would be done with my finals by Thursday and I told him no I have a BOM final Friday but then I said I will ask my teacher if i can take it early(Jared didn't know that he was my Bishop and so it was no big deal to change it).  My teacher said yes and since I went through all that work to change my final, Jared thought I totally liked him.  But I just thought it would be a fun date but little did I know that that was all the spark he needed from me to seal the deal between friends and lovers!!!!  :) 

Who has more siblings? We have the same!  We each have five...three girls and two boys.

Who wears the pants? I tend to be a little HIGH MAINTENANCE and jared is laid back and so I guess I would have to say I wear them but he lets me because he is nice like that!!   

I love you babe!!

-There you have it....

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


So her birthday is not until Wednesday but we just got back some of her photo shoot! She is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world! She is usually the most happy thing in the whole world but she hated this tutu and she just cried! Oh well! The tears are cute too! Whitnee took the pictures and I absolutely love them. If anyone needs pictures call her she does an amazing job(368-0879)! :) So I guess thats all for today. I hope that someday all of you can experience the joy of a little girl. Something about a little girl that can just melt your heart in a matter of seconds! Happy Birthday Lillie. We love you so much and we cant believe you are already one! Times flies when you are having fun!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Jared

Okay so I know it is a little late because Jareds Birthday was on Friday...but my motto with two kids has been.  BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!  For Jareds birthday I got him a DVD and a plane ticket to Houston to go and stay with his sister Jenni.  She has lived there for three years in June and Jared has not been out to see her yet.  So back in like February her husband Eric called and told Jared that he needed to come out and go golfing for a weekend .  Jared told him no and so then I went ahead and got the ticket and surprised him.  He is so excited!  I put him on a scavenger hunt all over neighborhood to find out where he was going.  It was so fun and we both felt like little kids.  :)  His last clue led him to his favorite place...Happy Sumo.  We had dinner with my family and his.  It was fun to get together without kids.  It was actually a pretty peaceful night.  After dinner we went to Rocky Mountain Chocolote Factory and got a carmel apple.  Then we went and watched my niece do her solo at a competition at Timpview.  It was a fun day.  Anyway I just want to list a few reasons why I love my hubby!
*I love the way that no matter how hard he tries he can never get mad!
*I love the way he is with kids.
*I love that he lets me go to the movie at 9:30 on Friday night
*He is the best cuddler in the whole world.
*He has the softest lips...which makes his kisses the BEST!
*I love that he is so selfless and always putting me and the kids first.
*I love that he loves my crazy family.  
*He will never say no to a calling and is such a great example to me.
*I admire him that he actually enjoys school.
*I love that he lets me have girl night, work out night, and One Tree Hill Night!
*He always takes  me to the temple.
*I love that he lets me go to the latest 'party' (shoe, jewelry, bows..)even though he hates them.  *I love that we can talk forever and we say okay we are going to sleep now and 45 minutes later we are still in a full on conversation.
*This one is bittersweet for me...somehow someway Jared manages to get everything literally free!  Which is a good thing but somehow I don't have the same manipulative skills and so everything I do is costs money!  So ya i still love him for his persuasive skills with sales people and family and whoever else he can fanangle!  :)
*He is not only my husband but my best friend!
*He totally tolerates my diet pepsi with a lime in a styrofoam cup with crushed ice habit!
*In the end I just love him more than anything.  He is my perfect match and we have had an amazing four years and I can't wait to see what else the future holds for us.  I love you babe!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Okay so we to Jumpin Jacks a couple times in the past few weeks! Boston absolutely loves it! It is the best bribe! He loves to go down the huge slides that are meant for like six year olds. He is my wild man. However, Lillie absolutely hates it. The minute I put her on the bouncy stuff she freaks out. It is crazy. Even if I am standing on it with her she freaks out. She is going to be my reserved child! And believe I need one like that cuz Boston puts me over the edge most days!! :) We are getting way excited for Spring/Summer. We are getting ready to finish our backyard. I can't believe how expensive everything is. Anyway...until next time. I hope everything is going well for everyone!

Jumpin Jacks :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

The Best Wife!

I know that most of you probably won't really want to read this mushy stuff, but I wanted to tell my wife Katie that she is the best! I love her so much and I know that sometimes I am pretty lame and do and say stupid things. Anyway, this post if for Kate the best wife in the world! Love you!
p.s. Isn't she so cute?!?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

PoTtY tRaInInG..........

I think if all I put was the title and the pictures everyone would understand what I have been doing for the last few week.  Overall it has not been that bad.  The only bad part is in one day Boston will tell me he needs to go potty 30 times and of those 30 he only goes maybe 4.  So it has been a lot of time on the pot!  :)  He is getting really excited to go because I went to the dollar store and bought a bunch of toys and stickers and books and put them in a bag above the toilet so whenever he goes potty he gets to pick a prize!  That is totally working for us and also getting underwear with characters he likes!   I hope by the end of March he is totally potty trained!  That is my goal...but I am not sure if it is his.  If he is potty trained and Lillie gets off formula at the end of March then me and jared will have like an extra $100 to play with every month.  Or as Jared would SAVE!!!  So wish us LUCK!  :)  :)

Oh and the first picture of Boston reading the book on the toilet...all I can say is they start young!!!  LOL