Monday, April 27, 2009


The happiest place on earth is so amazing!  It is such a magical place where kids dreams really do come true!  And as a parent it is great to see your kids face light up and to be able to see a little bit of their dreams coming true!!  It is such a fun place where you get to spend some time with the people you love most.

~Our little family~
Our Big Family

Bostons two besties--he loves his Er Dawg and Gma

Super fun to meet up with old friends!  We loved being with Chad, Brit, and Carson! Miss you!

Best place to hang with our silly cousins

With amazing characters that bring a huge smile to a Prince Charming!!

We get so excited to see Mickey and Minnie (not so much Lillie)!  

Mater and McQueen

Boston could not believe that he found Sully!

Or Goofy!

It was a 104 and so we had to do some cooling down at a Bug's Life!

Pretend Tea Cupping with Grandma and Grandpa--since they won't ride the ride!  :)

Boston and Lillie have become such best friends!  They love to do everything together!
Getting the same toys! (ask me that story later)

Sitting in Mickeys chair together!

Sleep together!

We had such a blast!  Our kids were amazingly good!  We can not wait to go back again and celebrate with Mickey and all his friends!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Outfits

Here are the kids in their new clothes!  We are so happy that they love each other (most of the time I guess).

Easter Morning & Shepherd Egg Hunt

My kids are still not getting where toys come from on occasions like Christmas and Easter! They just wake up and they think it is pretty fun!  Here are the rug rats looking at some sweet stuff that the Easter Bunny left.  

They both loved the golf clubs!  The Easter Bunny was very smart to bring two sets!  I think the Easter Bunny is getting smart in his old age!!  :)

Here we are at my moms right before the easter egg hunt.  We are a pretty big family and sometimes it gets crazy but it is so much fun!  The weather cleared up long enough for a good little easter egg hunt!

Boston loved the egg hunt.  He was so cute! Seriously look how big that smile is!

Morgan helped Lillie find her eggs.  He is so handsome--watch out you girls!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sun Sun please please STAY!!

So on Monday and Tuesday it was so warm and we absolutely loved it!  Each of us get a little sunburn but no need to worry about that because today the sun is gone and so they are not going to get any worse!  Honestly, I loved those sunny days and my kids had so much fun playing outside!  We are getting a fence next week and so that will be so heavenly to be able to put my kids outside in a locked back yard and let them play in the sun!!  

Here is the kids trying to soak up the sun on the back porch!   I love this pic because no matter where my rug rats go they have to have "the blankie!"

Here is Floyd and Lillie!  He is our back door neighbor and another one of Lillie's favorite people!  I love this picture.  I think it is so cute!  It really captures there sweet relationship!

And here is Boston, Lillie, and Floyd attempting to make a castle!!

And here we are today....sitting in the house on this cold rainy day eating Oreos trying to pass time until Daddy gets home from work!!  Boston got these down for them and was trying to hide from me!!  I guess that have not learned yet that moms know everything!!  Especially when oreos are opened! lol

Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Every year our neighbor Pam does an easter egg hunt for the kids and it is so much fun!  The kids absolutely love it!  They get to find ten eggs and they search frantically for them and it is so fun to watch the kids.  This year we turned it into a little FHE type thing and had it on a Monday and had a weenie roast and we all brought salads.  It was so fun!  It is little things like this that we do that really makes me so happy that we are staying in the neighborhood.  We had so much fun.  Thanks to Pam and Kyle for such a fun night!

Here is the successful egg hunters!!  Ryker, Brooklynn, Bost, and Lillie
Boston--so happy!
Lillie a little confused!
Lillie looking for some eggs!


Lets see here!  Okay first of all Happy Birthday to Jared!!  I must say that I planned and a really good birthday for him this year! ;)  In the morning I made him breakfast and then he opened all of his presents with the help of the kids!  

We kinda just had a pretty lax day and hung around and then that night we went to Happy Sumo for dinner and it was so yummy even for me who does not like Sushi!!  Then we left from there and went to Miracle Bown...Jareds favorite!  We met up with some friends and such a good time.  I think Jared already knows this but thank you so  much for being the best dad and hubby in the whole world.  I am so glad that we are a team and that we get to spend together forever baby!!  Oh and just a little update we took our house down for sale and Jared took the job at Young Living.  Introducing the new....drum roll.......International Liasion!  Not really sure what it means but he was really excited about it.  He will be going out of town a lot and having some crazy schedules that neither me and him are used to but all in all it will be so good for the future!

I managed to not get any pics of the boys but here all the girls!
Andrea, Brandy, Katy, Sharlie, Me, and in front is  Nicole

~Happy 2nd Birthday to Lillie~
So her birthday was so fun this year!  She was so super shy the whole day.  If anyone called or came over she would just run and hide!  

So it was pretty funny when the party started because she was literally so embarrassed to have all the attention!  She did love opening her presents but still be extremely shy and didn't want anybody but Johnnie!  She loved everything she got!  

With all the stress of Bostons doctor office the day before I never did get to make her the cake that I wanted to me Mother of the Year!!!  She got mint brownies from the bakery at Maceys!!  Personally I like brownies better and thats all I could do on such late notice.  So at least they were some kind of hit ha ha!!!  Anyway it was another fun day and once again we are so grateful for sweet little Lillie!!

Before the party actually started with Brit and Beretta!! So cute!

Boston and Brit fighting over Lillie! :)