Monday, March 17, 2014

Bostons Big Day

You know when you have your first baby and you feel like those first few months feel like years?
Endless nights of no sleeps, crying, changing diapers?
Wondering if the tears are from teething or ear infections?
Will they ever start school? 

Guess what? 
It happens! They get big!
They go off to school!
They learn to crawl, walk, and my favorite talk back!!

Boston was such a hard baby. He cried ALL the time! I remember wishing away his infancy because I just wanted him to be big and happy.  My sister kept telling me to STOP wishing it away.  Enjoy the milestones.  Enjoy the moment.  Whatever it is.  It might be hard.  Or seem like it will LAST FOREVER! But, before you know it they are gone.

I have to agree with her because I still can't wrap my head around that my little boy is 8!
He was baptized a member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on the 16th of November 2013.  He was baptized and confirmed by his dad.  

With lots of little spectators!

When Jared dunked him in the water, Paxton yelled out
"{gasp} he died!!!"

We all had a good giggle about that!

The crew!  Such an amazing day! :)

We came back to our house after the baptism for a little grub!
The Aussies found all the food very American.
I think they liked it.
Maybe not the grape "salad!" Haha!
Aussies don't mix sweet and savory.
Anything sweet is a dessert! 
I'm trying to set them straight! ;)

Jareds face was still a little swollen from his bite!  I kinda like him with a chubby cheek!

The Simons!

The Girls
Ash, Trace, Deb, and Em

Ella, Macy, and Leon 

Jared, Ricky, Mark

Miles, Hunter, Cory, and Boston

Leigh, Polly, Me

Girls Only!!
Em, Deb, Kayla, Ash, Trace, Me, Mom

And the day would not have been complete without our favorite Elders!
Elder Beechy and Elder Valles

We feel pretty lucky that we had only lived here one year and we had so many people come out and support Boston.  I really really wish I would have gotten a picture at the church before we left because some of our favorite families couldn't come and eat!

One of the highlights of the day was when my Mom was giving the talk on the Holy Ghost and she pulled out a blanket to represent the holy ghost and it was a BYU blanket.  I am pretty sure our Bishop laughed out loud! 

On Sunday we went to church and had a great day!
We LOVED LOVED LOVED having both sets of grandparents here!
When I was getting ready for church that morning I could hear my kids playing with grandma, grandmas and grandpas and Aunties!  I couldn't help but tear up!

A boy and his Grandpa!!!

Grandparent Heaven!

 Cutest kids ever!

Such a special day for a special kid!