Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm so exicted...i just can't hide it!!!!!!!

Okay so last night Jareds boss or someone gave us tickets to Indiana Jones and I have to admit that I was not all that excited to go.  I'm not a huge Indy Fan.  Plus I am sick.  My eyes are watering, I have a cough, my nose is stuffy.  Anyway so you get the idea!  I just wasn't in the mood.  
So we walk into the movie and low and behold what do I see....HSM3!  As Boston would say.  Oh ya baby!  I got so excited.  I totally forgot I was sick and I was just totally pumped!!  It has the release date...October 24th!  Oh man I can hardly wait.  I know most of you think that I am a sick teeny bopper.  But I know some of you (and you know who you are) are just as excited as me.  :)  Anyway I will be going to the movie on October 24th to the latest time to try and avoid screaming girls---anyone is invited!  Ha ha! 
Oh and Indiana Jones was actually pretty good!  I didn't fall asleep! :) :)


So last weekend my roommate from Freshman year, Mary, got married! YAY!!  It was so fun and she looked absolutely beautiful!  Her dress was beautiful...I loved it.  It was also so fun to see old friends and roommates.  I had one roommate from my first semester of college named Katie and she only lived with us one semester but we totally bonded and I absolutely love her.  My favorite part was to listen to her tell stories..somethings just never change!  LOL We were also missing some roommates and we miss you guys.  Anyway congrats to Mary.  Good luck Megan with your last two weeks of prego!  

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Okay so Thursdays can be pretty rough for my kids.  I work on Thursdays and they are only at the babysitters(they get babysat by a lady in my ward who we absolutely love--she doesn't have a day care but she takes my her) for three hours before Jared gets them but it is right during nap time for both of them.  So I call Jared at 5:50 and tell him I am on my way home and he says well both of the kids are asleep, Boston somehow got a bloody nose today, and so needless to say I walked in the door to these lovely pictures!  :)  
Boston seriously looks like he has been beaten!  LOL!  Poor kid--he is all boy and plays hard all day! Oh also very creepy that he sleeps with his eyes open.  He has done this since he was a baby!  My mom does this and it always scared me when I was little! Oh well!  Still pretty cute boy.   

And then look at poor Lillie!  She looks so uncomfy!  I love it!  Both of my kids have to have there 'blankie' and they rub it until they fall asleep!  They both also love to drink sippies and watch Disney movies.  Lillie loves Cinderella and Boston lately has asked for Robinhood and 101 Dalmations.    

Friday, May 9, 2008

Forever and ever....

So a couple of weekends ago Jared's sister Jenni and her husband Eric were able to be sealed to there baby Matthew! They were sealed in the Bountiful Temple and the day turned out to be great. After he was sealed we wnet to Erics parents house and Eric was able to bless him. Yay!! Jenni and Eric have been married for five years and thus far have not been able to have a baby. Their adoption story is actually cool and it is such a testimony builder to me that God is in our lives, he never gives up, and he listens to our prayers! They had their adoption papers only in for a maybe three weeks before they got a call to be parents and if that wasn't cool enough....they had 24 hours to pick him up in Austin, Texas~! I called Jenni a couple hours after I heard the news and her and Eric were at Babies R Us buying cribs, bottles, binkis, and everything else. She said they had two carts full and they were ready to get a third!
Crazy! They went and got him the next day and as you can tell evereything went amazingly perfect and he has been such a blessing not only to Jenni and Eric but to all of us. Boston absolutely loves him! He loves when they fly in from Texas! He calls him Machu Picchu! LOL! Anyway we love them all so much and are way excited for them.