Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Not Easy

I have heard it all my life.

It's not easy!

But IT IS worth it!

Sometimes I want this to be true so badly. 
I am a very impatient person and so the waiting part 
is the hardest for me.  

~Todays Example~

I only found out earlier this morning that my kids school had a disco
dance night.  Fun, right?  Seeing that they are so young I was almost
positive that this disco night would be for the older grades.  

One of the other mums let me know how it worked.  She gave me the low

Low Down...
Grades Prep-3 go from 4:30-5:45
Dress up in "Disco" attire
We as parents don't stay unless you signed up to help
(which when I went and got the tickets they were full on helpers)

So let me get this straight.
I am leaving my 6 and 7 year old at a disco dance?
On a Friday night?
Are my kids 16 and 17??

I immediately felt a little sick and thought do I let them go?
My ruby red slippers were clicking together..
"we are not in Utah anymore!!"

Came home from the school and had a massive headache! 
Tried getting some outfits together!
Soooo bad wishing I could go up to Grandma Up the Big Hills!
She has heaps of this stuff!

Stressing a little..
Not too much though

Fast forward...

Time to pick up kids from school.
We have 30 minutes to transfer them from little school people 
to disco dancers!

Got them home and they wanted nothing to do with it!

Boston put on blue shorts and a tank! 
Refused to change into anything else!!!!

Lillie did NOT want her hair down with a headband around her forehead!

I tried not to make it a "thing!"  Tried letting them be them!

But the mom guilt came when I got to the school!

Everyone looked so cute!  
Or, should I say "groovy"

Not the Americans though
They looked like they were 
straight out of the 2013s!!!

All the mums were walking their kids into the school.  
I was so embarrassed at how my kids looked that I just let them 
jump out and run in.

As I drove away I started to cry.  
Why didn't I try harder to make them change their clothes!
What approach would have made it more convincing to my 6 yr old
daughter to put on strange clothes from an era she knows nothing of?
Should have I had "Stayin Alive" blaring from the speakers?
Possibly I could have YouTubed some cool moves for them to learn?

My thought process really started to get me down.
I was crying so HARD over something so dumb!
Poor Paxton kept telling me to stop crying!!
"Here mom, you have super powers (pretending to hand me this awesome power)!"

As I drove my sad little self home 
I just thought to myself snap out of it

You have three kids

Who are all healthy little rug rats




Life is already hard....I don't need you making it harder!

Peace, Mama Auger