Thursday, December 30, 2010

I promise I went...

Next time I should open my eyes though..................

JK Just keep reading!


Got an early Christmas present this year!!!  One of my favorite places in the whole world is NYC!  I love the energy that is there!  I love it!  I would move there in a heart beat!  My friend Brandy came with me and we had a ball!
 Here we are at our Broadway Show...Driving Miss Daisy!  Kind of random show to see but it was pretty good!
 I love Times of favorite places ever!
 Top of Empire State Building!
 ~Can you see Macys~
 Two of my favorite people in the world!  And Jareds too.  We met Mel and Gary the month after me and Jared got married in our BYU ward (lame..I know)!  You could call them our "sole couple!"  ;)  Jared was sad that he didn't get to come and hang with Gary.  They live in a suburb of Manhattan.  Me and Brandy stayed at their house the first three nights.  We wish we lived closer to them...... ;(
 This is the life of a hardworking lawyer in NYC.  He goes to work at around 8 a.m. on the train and gets home around 8-9p.m. and that is on a good day.  Yet, he is home but still has to work on files!! Mel you really are my idol!
 This one was for Lillie!
 The decorations were so fun because it was Christmas!
 Rockefeller Tree in the day time!
 American Girl Store.  I can not WAIT to one day take Lillie here.  It was amazing!  So fun!
 This was for Lillie too!
 Coolest Apple store...this was for Jared!
 One night we decided to have dinner at the Plaza!  Don't worry it was this cute little restaurant in the basement and it had all these different stations of food and it was so yummy and very well priced!
 We went on a fun carriage ride through Central Park.  It was such a fun little ride! And in case you were wondering...yes we were cold!
 After a fun day in Chinatown...don't worry about what is in those bags!  I am pretty sure Brandy did not buy 5 purses!  It was so so so cold but so so so fun!
 Me and the girls in front of our hotel! p.s. thanks Mom for getting us such a great rate!
 My Mama and her best friend since they were kids, Calleen!  It was such a good time being with these ladies!  Thanks for making us giggle!
 Me and my Mom!  This is mine and my moms 3rd trip to NY.  It never gets old!  

Rockefeller Tree at night!  And yes...I was freezing!
Me and Brandy in Times Square on our last night.  So much fun!  Brandy did not want to leave.  This was such a big deal for Brandy to come with me because she has never left her husband and two little boys. Plus she has not been on an airplane for 13 years!  What?!?  It was so fun to watch her experience New York!  She could not get over the buildings, time square, she loved the Empire State building.  The train station and the subway.  She disliked ground zero.  It is such a sad place.  :(  One of the nights we stayed up talking to Gary and she asked him a million questions from rent to why the WTC were hit.  She would gasp at every was just so funny!  :)  So thanks Brandy for coming with me!  It was such a fun trip!  Fun memories were made!  And in case you are wondering..yes, it tastes like regular pepsi!  Hahaha!!! ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010


Holy cow how time flies!!!  I can not believe that my little guy is 5!!  Where did time go?  
Boston, Bostonian, Rosco, Boston Baked Beans, B, Boslonian, Bos Man!  
He has a few nick names from different people and believe it or not he answers to all of them!  Happy Birthday Bud!  Mom is so proud to call you my little boy!  You are such a fireball.  As I watch you grow and learn it is fun to watch what you have inherited from me as your Mom and also the things from your Dad!  The #1 thing you have in your genes that you definitely got from your me is the need to be on the go and be social!  You love to play with friends, be with friends, think of friends, and probably dream of friends.  When I say friends that also means cousins as well because some of your cousins are your best friends!  :)  

~Top 5 things about Boston~
#1 You're not afraid of anything and you WILL try anything!
#2 You love to play outside!  You go a million miles an hour until 8 and then you crash!
#3 You have such a big heart and make the best big brother especially to Pax!
#4 You are a very independent child.  You want to do everything by yourself!
#5 You are 5 going on 16....all I ask is that time slows down!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~Lake Powell~

Lake Powell 2010 was such a fun couples trip!   We seriously had the best time!  The weather was perfect, the company was amazing, and the memories are unforgettable!  We hope to make this a yearly tradition.  It was fun for me and Jared to get away from the kids and do what we wanted to do when we wanted to do it!  

 I have never fished before!  This was my first attempt.  I wish I had the picture of me when I really caught the fish.  It is the best picture because I was so excited and scared at the same time!!!
 Kevin and Billy taught me how to fish.  Kevin (red shirt) was the expert fisherman.  He spent most of his days fishing!
 Well aren't they just studly! Lol!  Jim, Dave, and my Hubby!
 The girls of the trip at the Indian Ruins!  
 Me and Jared checking out the ruins!
 The whole clan!  Seriously, some of the funniest people ever!  
 My friend Calie is in the middle with her husband Dave and it was their houseboat that we used!  We can never say thanks enough for inviting us!  But, thanks again!!!!!
 A mean game of 500!
 Mine and Katys beautiful sand castle!
 I <3 Lake PowelL!
The boys taking in the sun!  I am kinda wishing I was in Lake Powell right now.  Such a good trip!  :)


I think what I meant to say was CATCH UP!  But I do like ketchup!  ;)  Here is June, July, and August!

 Got together with HS friends!  It was so fun to sit and chat and let the kids play.  I can't believe we have been graduated nine years.  We have a lot of kids between all of us.  I know lots of people say that your HS friends will just go away after you graduate but we are all still close!  Love all you girls!
 Of course we celebrated the 24th of July!  One of my favorite time of year!  I think I like it better than Christmas!  We have to fight for our good spot at the parade....but no worries....we got it! :)
 And now since living in Salem we celebrate Salem Days!  It is a lot of fun to do that with Jareds family.  
 Couple of our neighborhood friends turned the big 30!  Yikes!  ;)  I also love these girls and the friendship I have with each of them!  They are all such great mothers and I look up to all of them!
 Went to Owl City and John Mayer.  We had row 3 tickets which was way fun!
 He was a goof but really good!
 Lillie started preschool and loves it because she gets to go with cousin Jackers and her friend Braden!
 Boston also started another year of preschool!  He loves his new class!
 I don't know why I uploaded this pictures because it was October?  But here is our pumpkin carving/painting!  Enjoy!!!
Happy Halloween! ;)