Monday, April 22, 2013

Cancer Sucks

You know the saying,

"Friends are Family you choose!"

Well I am so blessed to have great friends and I think I chose pretty dang good.

Tuesday, April 2nd, was a crazy morning at my house.  The kids were on school holiday, my parents had left the day before (we were a little emotional about this), and on top of everything else I found a mouse in my kitchen!!  In the midst of all the craziness I had a feeling to call my friend back in Salem.  I immediately pushed the thought of my head.  I had too much going on at that moment in time to stop everything I was doing...I was mouse hunting!  A couple seconds went by and the thought came into my head even louder CALL BRANDY!.

So that's what I did.  I literally called my friend two minutes after the doctor had just told her that her 5 year old son has cancer.  She had tried calling her husband and he had not answered.  She was sitting in a room by herself when the phone rang and it was me.  I am so grateful at that moment I listened to the Spirit.

I am even more grateful for a Mom who listens to the spirit as well.  You can only imagine that as soon as I heard this devastating news I wanted to get on a flight home and be with her and her family.  I looked up tickets to Utah and because of the short notice tickets were over $3k a piece.  A week went by and I prayed that I would find peace in being here.  I knew Brandy would be taken care of.  She has an amazing family, friends, husband, and neighbors.  I got that peace I needed and since I could not be there, I got busy doing things here that I could do for them.

The following Monday came rolling around and once again it was a crazy busy day.  I went to my phone and I had three missed calls and a text from my mom.  I immediately felt sick thinking something else was wrong.  I called my mom and the conversation went something like this...

Me: "Hey Mom"

Mom:  "Hi! I think you need to come home"

Me: "I know, mom! But, I am okay.  It is crazy expensive and so I am good until we come home in June."

Mom:  "No, you need to come home.  Your friend needs you.  You need her.  You need to give her a hug.  She's not just like any old friend...shes like your sister.  For the last 7 years you guys have been in each others back pockets.  I am watching General Conference and listening to President Monson and I had the feeling to look at tickets and they are only $1500 round trip!!!"

Me: {crying has now begun} "Mom, you are so sweet and as wonderful as that sounds I have Paxton and two other kids.  I just can't pick up and go 8.000 miles away."

Mom: "I figure you would need to bring him a ticket as well!  See you Thursday!"

Me: "Thank you mom!"

Mom: "You're welcome!"

Me: "Love you"

Mom: "Love you more!"

After that conversation their was A LOT of planning to be done in 72 hrs.  Getting my kids signed up for after school care, getting them sitters for Thursday and Friday since they had no school, and of course packing, grocery shopping for them, oh and of course checking with the husband to see if I could go.  Luckily, my husband is the greatest ever and was happy to let us go.

Ready for our TOP Secret Mission! 

Three days later, (sounds so short, but man alive that flight is so loooonnnnggg) I was standing on Brandys driveway.  Our top secret mission of us coming had totally been kept under wraps (well mostly hehe).

My sister knocked on her door.
And knocked.
And knocked.
When Brandy finally came to the door she was not happy to see my sister.  In the quietest voice she told her that she was sad, depressed, that today was a rough day at radiation mapping, and that she just didn't think she could do this.  My sister said well I don't want to stay long but I just brought you something!!!!!

(we sound like Rachel and Monica on the last epi of Friends ha)

Best. Surprise. Ever.  I think for a full 30 seconds she forgot about all her worries.  I am not going to go into detail right now on my week (thats for another blog post), but if you want to find out more about my friend Brandy's family then click here to read her blog.

I will say that,

I hope,
everyone has a friend like Brandy.  When the doctor told her about her son.  The first thing she told the doctor was that she was so proud and happy of him for finding this.  She said that it was a terrible day for her but kept telling him how happy she was for him for following his gut and getting the CT and then finding his tumor.  Who does that? Such a selfless person.

I hope,
everyone has a friend that is a fighter.  She is fighting hard for her little guy.  She has his back no matter what!  110%

I hope,
everyone has a friend that even a hug can make it a little better...even if it is only for 2 minutes.

I hope,
everyone has a friend who in the midst of chemo and radiation with a child can find the tender mercies from a loving Heavenly Father.

I hope,
everyone has a friend who turns into momma bear when she doesn't think her son is getting the right treatment he deserves.
Riley Roo the Fighter

I hope,

everyone has a friend that as your walking out of the hospital after a long day of doctors, doctors, and more doctors, can still find it hilarious that her son didn't want his pants pulled up and so his naked bum was showing for all the world to see.  The more people that looked at us like crazies, the more the laughing couldn't stop.

I hope,
everyone has a friend who once again in the midst of everything going on makes time to celebrate my birthday.
thanks to her hubby for my awesome brownies

I hope,
not only do you have one friend like this, but 8 friends like this.
Salem Peeps

My last hope...
What would you do if you woke up one day to learn that your sweet 5 year old has cancer?  All I am asking is a $5 donation.  Please see the donation box, all securely done through paypal, in the right column of her blog.  You do have to be on a computer.  It will not work on a phone or ipad. 

Love you sweet friend.  I truly am lucky to have you as a friend. 


The Sommer Family said...

Wow- that is so amazing that you got to go be with her. What an awesome mom for the tickets! Your quite the awesome friend yourself!

Brandy Smith said...

I hope you know how wonderful you are!! and that you would be that same mom!! I'm sitting here just crying reading this! I missed you today. I couldn't have done last week without you. have you in my life! Love you, B