Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3 Yr. Kinder

Paxton had one of his firsts…

His first day of school ever!
He was so excited and such a little champ!


He seriously was so excited and didn’t even look back.
Parts of me wanted him to be that kid that was clinging to his mom.
He is my baby and as happy as I am that he is at school I am shockingly, just as sad.
Since moving down under he has been my one true constant thing.
He is with me when I wake up and he is with me when I go to bed.
He comes on my errands.
I go on walks with him and he takes naps for me.
We sealed that deal with an Eskimo kiss.

As I walked out the door and was feeling sad.
I got into the golden zit and I am not going to lie
That little piece of freedom felt a little good.
Okay, maybe more than a little!
It felt good!

But when it came time to pick him up I got excited.
When he saw me between all the other kids he just took
Off running as fast as his little legs would take him.
His shoulders were up and he was swaying them from side to side.
When he got to me he jumped with all his force
And in the cutest and not so quite voice exclaimed

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