Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sassafrass/Tourquay/Wantirna South

The next week was pretty busy and not so busy at the same time.
We did a lot of fun things with my parents.
Sadly, beach weather is over and so we had to get more
creative than just sitting at the beach! :)

One morning after dropping all the kids of to school I took them to this little town called Sassafrass.  It is up in the Dandenong Mountains.  It kind of reminds me a little bit of Park City.  The older part of Park City.  Old buildings, expensive shops, and cozy cafes.

Downtown Sassafrass

How cute are my parents?
I just love them!

{Melts my heart}

Next up on the agenda?

We didn't get to Tourquay until late because we had to wait to head
down until Jared got off work
we ran into heaps of traffic as well
when we got there the kids went into physco mode

what is it with kids and hotels
its just like a house
but smaller?

After they jumped around for what seemed like ages
we finally got them settled in

Jared and I had Pax  in our room

While Grandma and Grandpa 
had Bost and Lillers with them

Rip Curl Pro Competition 

at Bells Beach in Tourquay

Tourquay is a surf town about an hour and a half away from us.
We decided to take the jaunt down the coast.
It was seriously such an amazing thing to watch. 

Boston totally hypnotized by the surfers. 
He seriously thought it was the coolest thing ever.
We watched some heats from the beach.

and some from the stands
we got there early and we were all a little tired
good thing we had grandpa to keep us warm

Jared was in such heaven
he looked like a little boy at christmas

he bought t-shirts
stood in line for autographs
and well...became a true rip curl pro fan club member


Mick Fanning Yo

notice the left should autograph
{fist pump}

After we left the competition we headed into town to do some 
some touristy things
first on agenda lunch
followed by ice cream
followed by shopping
followed by a certain 7yr old talking Gpa into these new kicks

After that we just came back to our hotel room and chatted and watched tv
enjoyed each others company

and of course we had to have fish and chips for dinner

we got up the next morning and went to breakfast at a cute little cafe
once again, one of my favorite things about Australia
i love little cafes

on the way home we stopped by 
Queen Victoria Market
A Park for the kids to let go of some energy
Shopping Centre to find a Crocodile Dundee hat for my dad
got lost in the mall
couldn't find our car
and then still couldn't find our car
finally found our car
finally made it back home 
just in time for my poor dad to do some more of this
with Pax!

One of the best parts of having family here is that they get to meet some of our friends
Friends who we luckily get to call family
The ones who are so kindly stepping up to the plate and friending us into their circles

Meet the Bignells.....We had a yummy dessert night with them
fruit salsa and home made pavalova

They met many more friends from school and church
I loved having them get to know the people
we associate with!

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