Thursday, May 2, 2013

7, Seven, Siete

Well folks can you believe it?
I know I can't!  
We have lived in Australia for 7 months!
It's been awesome.
And tiring.
And so amazing.
Sometimes easy.
Lots of times Hard.

This gem sets on my counter for a daily reminder.

I am grateful for this reminder everyday.
Cause gets what?
Life's hard!
But, can be so amazing as well!

Saw this on my insta feed..

How true is this!  
Wishing the whole world would remember this!

The past 7 months we have had some good times.
We have grown as a family A LOT!
Probably more than Boston likes!
He is my social bug!
He's learning though that Lillie IS pretty AWESOME!

A little picture roll of the last 7 months!
Ya, we lived in a hotel!  That was "fun!"
YOLO - Thailand was totally legit people!
Once upon a time we had no furniture!  Made it a little easier to go on adventures with Dora, because the kids were already standing! ;)
Seriously, though!  We spend A LOT of time just our little crew!
Still get sick down under! Boo!
Lunch dates with friends are a MUST!
I never want to forget the stage where Pax wore his Star Wars jammies for
a month straight!
I get to work with YW at church and they are an amazing group of girls.
Even if we can't seem to look at the camera at the same time! hehe!
Need i say more!!!?

His smile says it ALL!
Pax and I go to a play group every Wednesday!
This is my bestie, Sammie!
Love her!
Going to fashion shows and acting like we are big deals!
Now that was fun!
Vistors helped immensely! xoxo
An absurd amount of coke zero has been consumed!
*Packages from home makes for a Spectacular Day*
Did I mention we love visitors???
Zoo days!
Taking Selfies at church with this Bogan has really made time fly! ;)
We look like Americans at the beach!
With our 3 lbs. of junk food, crystal light, and our sweet cups! 
We went to the beach on a regular basis! Peace!
Lots of parks, zoos, and adventures!

We spend our time with some amazing friends.  We feel so blessed to be right here in this moment.  We have learned some life lessons, made memories, and started new friendships that will last a lifetime!

Some days I do get a little sad! And cry a bit!

So for days that are really hard we just turn it over to technology to help us with that gap.
Between FaceTime, Snapchat, and random texts and pictures!
It somehow makes it a little easier!
Some of my favorite over the last 7 months!

How cute are my parents?!

Now, please don't kill me if your picture was above!
If it made it on the blog then it must have truly spoke to my heart!
So, thank you! And, possibly, sorry! :)

And, last but most definitely not least!
Our surprise visit to Utah really made April zoom by!
I loved surprising everyone.
Best feeling ever!
From friends, to grandparents, to my old dance mom!
It was just too much fun! :)
I really want to do that for my job!
Think I can go to shcool for that?
I want to be Ginnie, that girl on Ellen, who just rocks up
at people houses, work, schools and gives them whatever
Ellen wants to give them.  She doesn't even have to buy it!
She just gives it!
Anyway, WOW, lost my focus!

Loved our week in Utah!

Grandma was THRILLED!!!!!

Getting pampered by my Dad!

Being with this girl made my heart happy!

This two little girls made me "clucky"
Clucky = Australians way of saying baby hungry!

Loved to just chat in RealLife with friends and family!
And some might think that was my favorite part!
But you are wrong!
See that white styrafoam cup!
Yep, that was my favorite!


Hope the next seven months were as cool as the last!!

P.S. Come visit!!  ;)

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PixieGirl said...

Cutest post! Gave me a little glimpse into your life and the way you see your world. Love you sweet, strong, amazing friend!