Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Easter Sunday was a pretty bitter sweet day

It was our first holiday in Australia where we had family here
but it was also our last day with our family here

We had to do a quick photo shoot for Grandma Joann
Easter is her favorite time to take pictures of the grandkids
I knew she would love it if we sent her some pictures
the kids wanted nothing to do with the camera but when i told
them i was sending them to grandma up the big hill they had 
a quick change of heart

How big are they getting?
Holy Moly my kids are huge!

cute as a button

for 16 minutes lets pretend we love each other..
said none of those kids 

he pretend angry face

i'm too cool for matching sweaters with brother face
ha ha mom still buys your clothes

Meet Manfa (Samantha) Paxtons girlfriend

Lillies bff Sorphie (Sophie) 
We love our Aussie friends

We had to say goodbye to my parents that night and that was tough for the kids
it makes it easier knowing that we will be headed home in june for a month

march madness really was a crazy month but we loved every 
minute of it

we feel blessed that we have already had 5 visitors and we have only lived here 6 months

thank you mom and dad for coming and staying with us for making so many great memories
that none of us will ever forget

we already miss you a ton and june can not get her fast enough

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