Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And Lillie is 6

 I told you March was crazy busy
Birthdays everywhere

What better way to start off your birthday than having Grandma braid your hair.
I know I loved having a week off from doing her hair!

Didn't even budge.
Breakfast and the iPad.....lucky!
I mean seriously when did she get so big!

She was so excited to take treats to her class!
Especially since Grandma was here to help pass them out!

This is Mrs. Bossypants telling everyone to shut their eyes
or else.....
They didn't get a treat!

Love her!

She chose to go to Teppanyaki for dinner.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.

We came home and opened presents and she was excited about every present!

She really loved this gift from my dad!  She was memorized watching the owls dance!

But mostly excited for this one........

It's true!  She is 6 going on 16.
She was beyond thrilled about this little gift.

Top 6 things that we love about Lillie
1. Her smile is absolutely perfect
2. How sweet she is with Paxton - she has successfully taught him how to play puppies
3. She is easily entertained.  Wether it be coloring, play dough, movie, iPad. She is easy.
4. She is one smart cookie.  She is reading so well and really loves school.
5. Even though she can be a little bossy--she knows what she wants and doesn't want.  I think that this can be good or bad. But, I am going with good!!!  
6. I love how sensitive she can be.  She can be a little dramatic at times but she is just sensitive to everyones feelings around her.  She absolutely hates when people are sad and is determined to make them happy.  Even if that means hitting herself in the head! :) 

Happy Birthday Lillers!

and Auntie Kellie!

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