Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pax is 3

We woke up bright and early on Paxtons birthday and off we 
headed to the airport!  
(Jared was on the Sunshine coast with my mom
spreading the doTERRA love!)

We got to the airport and three little kids
could hardly wait to see Grandpa Terry!!

We waited....

And waited.......

Best Birthday Present eVeR!!!

My poor dad was so tired but we had plans! 
It was Paxtons birthday for goodness sakes!

So off we headed to TIME ZONE
Or, as my dad called it
"Time Out!"

The kids def. got their game on

The kids had the best time playing with Grandpa
and each other!

We went to lunch, had ice cream, and opened a few presents!

We went to the store and Pax fell asleep.
In all my years as a mom
{all 7 of them}
I have never had a kid fall asleep in the grocery cart!

But, now I have!

We finally got home and my dad had brought with him the movie
Here Comes the Boom

The kids {and my dad} are a sucker for Kevin James
We love Mall Cop at our house!

They were totally glued to the show.
At the end when he goes into his big
fight they all got a little scared and they jumped
onto Grandpas lap!

And when it got all emotional at the end..
everyone cried!
Even my dad! 
That is probably one of my favorite things about him.
He is all big and macho but underneath all that
you will find a guy with the biggest heart in the 
whole entire world!  Softie!

I put all my kids to bed after the movie and my dad to bed
and then I came downstairs to clean up the kitchen
and just relax after an exhausting day.  

After about an hour I went to go upstairs to put on my jammies
and I decided to check on my kids

and this is where I found them!!!

Kind of a blurry picture but it melted my heart into a million little pieces!
Safe to say that someone {or two or three} really misses Grandpa!

We celebrated Paxtons birthday again on Monday when my 
Mom and Jared were home!

We had the missionaries over for dinner and 
we all celebrated with Pax.

We sure love this kid with our whole heart.
He is such a good hearted little boy!
We love him!

Happy Birthday Pico!
{loves + hugs + kisses}

"I'm free!"

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