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I don't remember being that sick with my other three pregnancies!  But, this time it has hit me hard.  Jared has taken over the role of dad, mom, lunch maker, taxi, chef, and not to mention his other roles at work/church.  He helped me through my first trimester like a champ.  Also, sweet friends who brought dinner to us and took Paxton during the day so that I could get some rest.  

On November 6th Jared was heading to Queensland for doTERRA's annual convention.  I had to survive three whole days by myself before I headed on a plane, with three kids, to see him and my parents!  

I was a tad emotional when Jared left.  I knew it was only 3 days but I was just not feeling like myself.  He had been gone about 2 hours when my mom called me and said to call and change my flight.  Man alive I love that woman!  

So the next morning my friend Jeanette took us to the airport!  I would not even be alone for 24 hours.  Rock on!  When we got to the airport Boston asked me how many planes it took to get to Queensland!!  It seriously made me smile!  WhenI told him one plane and only 2 and a half hours he was ecstatic!  

When we got to the hotel where my parents and Jared were I was so excited.  Feeling a little sick but mostly just excited.  

My mom was already in a meeting and  so my dad came out and gave us all a huge hug!  I love the feeling when we are in the same room.  My heart just is entirely happy!

I was chatting with my dad when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw my sister.  I did a double take and seriously peed in my pants a little when I realized that my eyes had not played a trick on me!

The kids all took of running and gave her the biggest hug ever!  And so did I!  

My kids were in Ashlie Heaven!!

And grandma Heaven!!

Now my heart was really happy!  My mom, dad, and Jared had pulled off the best surprise ever!!
Or, so I thought (keep reading)!

While the "oilers" spent the next three days in meetings.  Me, Ashlie, and the kids hung out here!

With these rug rats!

And these MASSIVE lizards were everywhere!  Pax was terrified of them!!

The second night we were at the hotel Ash and I took the kids to dinner.  We were heading back to the lift (elevator) when my mom came around the corner with a worried look on her face.  My dad was behind her and he looked just as concerned.  I'm not really sure why but I immediately thought something was wrong with Jared.  "Kate, come with me.  We need you in the ballroom."  I was about to ask her why when behind my dad I saw another blonde head.....TRACIE!!!!  What!!!

The little sneak had just sent a text to the family that said...

hope you're having fun!  This is what we are doing...SOCK FOLDING PARTY!!!

Well played sister...well played!

We of course headed to the room and took about 80 photos and they all pretty much turned out like this!

This is the first time in 13 years that I have been with Tracie without her kids.  The last time was NYC in 2002!!! It was so fun to just be with her.  For her to bond with my kids and for them to get to know Auntie Tracie that much better.  She has been in Hawaii for there years now and so Paxton hardly knows her.  Boston and Lillie were of course devastated that she didn't bring Brynlie and Brit!

Once convention was over...we were headed on our HOLIDAY!

We were ready to start a little holiday!

and make a social network announcement!!!

First stop - Sea World

Ashlie became the tour guide of Sea World and made sure that we hit every show and every character! 

The Dolphins were amazing!! Possibly brought a tear to our eyes! ;)

The Sting Rays!

Oh, how I love this age!!!

The day would not have been complete without a few tears, right?
During lunch Lillie's tooth was literally hanging by a string.
After a few LONG minutes she pulled hard and out it came!

The Crew!

Everything in Australia closes at 5 except for on Thursday and Fridays.  

Bus ride home!
My dad had his shadow...

Ashlie has hers

And they have theirs...

At the beginning of the day Jared had a rash.
By the end of the day he was swollen.
The next morning he looked like this!

And it only got bigger!

So, we sadly left him home while we went to Movie World. In hopes that without the sun and some rest it would get better.  Spoiler alert! It didn't!  He ended up going to the doctor and it took three weeks to totally clear up!  Three different antibiotics, anti-itching meds, and a lot of OILS!  We still don't know what caused it but we are pretty sure he got bit by something.

Stop 2 - Movie World 

With me being sick and prego Grandma and Grandpa had to do the rides with the kids!

These kids were in character heaven!! We so need to take them to Disneyland!!

Batman givin' them some good advice! 

Which of course lead to them thinking they owned the streets!

Couldn't get enough of watching how happy everything made them.  
They were soaking everything all in.
And so was I!

Meanwhile these two were in a separate heaven! 
They had no kids to chase or look after!

And, what would a theme park be without a parade?

Sadly, this is the only pic I got.  
I was videoing the rest of the time!
But, Paxton loved it!

Stop 3 - Surfer's Paradise

On our last day in QLD we spent the day shopping and soaking up the sun!

Burn me sun! Burn me!!

My mom captured this photo.
That's my whole world right there!!

Stop 4 - Melbourne

We got back to Melbourne really late.  I warned my family that we had left in such a hustle that my house looked like a bomb had gone off in it.  To my surprise when we walked in the house it was SPOTLESS!!! From top to bottom!  All the way down to a vase with fresh flowers!!!  Thank you to my sweet friend.  You are A - MA  - ZING!!!

Next post coming soon....more visitors, a baptism, and lots of memories!!

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Lil said...

Life in Aussie Land with my three beautiful daughters, three TOTALLY AWESOME grand babies, one amazing son-in-law, and my best friend/business partner forever was truly a dream come true. Not to mention a doTERRA essential oil convention with so many beautiful people, made for a trip of a life time. . . The kind most people only dream about. Pinch me. . . Is this really my life?!?! Yes, it is and I'm SO very grateful for ALL!!!